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big white gift box Australian birds are way off track as the drought impacts food supply

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-19
big white gift box Australian birds are way off track as the drought impacts food supply
The birds are moving south-In eastern Australia, the drought forced them into areas they had never seen before.Few people have seen big bust in Australia in Nyngan, new state,xa0xa0Nor is it a rare fast parrot in southern Queensland.Recently, in Novala on the southern coast of New South Wales, this rare Regent, honey diner, is far from the normal range of the capeti Valley near Muji.
And the Victorian mallee yellow.
For the first time in Canberra, I saw someone who ate honey.The rare fast parrot, which nests on the island of tazhou, has to go far to find food. First discovered in the Alpine state of New South Wales, even as far as southern Queensland.
An avid twitter user saw a deep red chat with inland residents at Sydney Airport.The migration was a shocking bird-watching man who was raving about rare sightings.Unfortunately, this is a sign.xa0Things are not very good.The drought has greatly reduced the nestling of birds, forcing them to look further for food, as many eucalyptus trees like white boxes do not blossom in winter.
The loss of nectar is hurting beekeepers.
and birds.
Sean Dolly of the Australian Birds Association says similar migrations occur in the millennium drought, but in this drought there are many very unusual and unique sights."It is unforgettable that although many birdwatchers like to see these rare sights, it is a potential reality that these birds may never return to the normal range," he said .".Sydney, for example, has become a haven for many birds, including chat and Naruto, usually seen only in countries open inland.
Barn owls near the coast of Victoria and New states also have "erupted" in search of food, far from the normal inland range.Black and BlackThe kites on the shoulders meet them on the coast.Many sightings were recorded on the Birdline website.
"Few flowers bloom inland, becausexa0"In the drought, the birds are moving," Mr Dolly said ."."People think that the waterbirds are affected in the drought, but they can move easily.In places where the drought is severe, there are honey eaters and Raptors.
"They are really struggling if they don't blossom.The distribution of birds has changed a lot.Many birds lost their way in the search for food.
"The number of young birds has also dropped sharply.He said that he recently saw a red songbird in lockdale, a suburb of Sydney, which is a clear sign that things are not normal.On the Victorian coast, birds of prey, including kites and barn owls, flooded.
It is also very unusual to see an endangered fast parrot in the Alpine region.They were also seen in Hay and Nyngan."We also saw the first yellow record ever --People who eat honey in Canberra."In many ways, it also shows the adaptability of some birds.
Saw the big animals in Australia far away from them.xa0This is a sign that a natural crisis is taking place."They won't run for nothing," he said ."Normal range: magicapti Valley.Found:xa0New state coast, Novala.Normal range: Tasmania, East Victoria, new state on the south coast.
Location: queenssouth Kozkoxa0Hay, niganNormal range: inland Australia.Spotted: North-West Victoria, New South Wales.Normal range: inland.Normal range:xa0Mallee in Victorian styleDiscover: New South state, Kota Munra, saw Canberra for the first time.
Normal range: inland.
Location: Victoria, new statexa0Coast.
Normal scope: inland, open country.
Found:xa0Sydney Airport, Sydney, RockdaleNormal range:xa0Open inland countries.Location: Centennial Park, Sydney
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