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black tissue paper career woman's fashion - business trip capsule wardrobe

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-16
First impressions are always important.Especially in the working environment.The boss often measures whether you can finish the job based on what you look like.By the way, you carry it yourself.How many promotions are there for people with average ability but look impressive?How many smart people are put on hold because they can't seem to do it?So do customers.If you are representing a bank but are undressed, potential clients may write you off.No matter how expensive it is, the appearance of crumpled clothes will not inspire confidence.So, unless you have an iron in the hotel room you live in, or you intend to drag along the iron, or the hotel provides laundry service, you can put on the clothes that are pressed well before the meeting, avoid easily wrinkled clothes.For your jackets, skirts and pants, avoid wearing 100% linen or 100% silk dresses because they look and feel great when they are pressed well, but they are easily wrinkled.Instead, wear a comfortable jacket, skirt and trousers for travel.By the way, you can put the most important piece of clothing into your suitcase on a business trip, which is a great jacket.This jacket can make anything more beautiful, whether it's a dress, vest and trousers, or a camper and skirt.For this all-Important jacket, choose one made of wool, or at least a wool mixture that falls on your body but travels well.At the very least, it will not wrinkle like 100% of linenor silk.Even artificial fibers such as polyester and artificial silk will not be easily coaxed.The mixture of wool and synthetic fiber will travel well, which may be exactly what you need for a business trip.Choose at least 2 jackets in neutral tones.Black, navy, brown, white and gray are business-I like the colors that are easy to match.For example, if you are wearing a lot of silver and it looks great to wear black, you can choose a black jacket and a navy jacket.The gray jacket and white jacket will be better if you wear a softer color.If you look better in gold and warm colors, brown jackets and cream jackets may be more appropriate.For women, this wool jacket is simply amazing.They are women, but work is worth it.Next, pick the camping and vests of your favorite colors.These can be worn under your jacket with a skirt or trousers.You can season your neutral suit with the deep red camming underneath, or add gravity to your appearance with a black vest.You can even match the camper with the color of your eyes.Or check out fushia or pink to show the side of your women.Since they are under your jacket, you can go and buy satin.If you carefully pack the silk in a paper towel, you may even get away with it.Buy a skirt and a pair of trousers with those two jackets.Ideally, they have the same hue as your jacket.For example, if you have a black jacket and a gray jacket, a black skirt and a gray pair of trousers.Then add two more clothes.As long as your jacket is not too low, it will make your clothes valuable.It can be used as a fun dress on your day off, or if you extend your business trip for a holiday, make all of these clothes wool, or at least a mixture of wool, this way they will look great when you finally get to your destination.OK, these trips are also good, you can mix vest and synthetic materials without Leka.After mixing artificial silk and polyester with natural fabrics such as wool or cotton, the appearance and feel are better.Nevertheless, choose wool if the weather permits, as natural fibers look much better than synthetic fibers in the fall.They also look more expensive, which is great for your image as a successful professional.
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