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black tissue paper Coal Crafts

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-22
Coal is considered a generic heating fuel and a traditional gift for Santa Claus to naughty boys and girls at Christmas.From simple to exquisite, there are many kinds of coal crafts.For those who are interested in seeing coal used in an artistic way, in addition to the traditional "coal blocks in stock" or coal --Related sweets and cookies, there are also detailed ways to carve coal crafts into impressive artwork.
Give those coal blocks on your "naughty list" in all sorts of cunning and creative ways.Fill a small bag with black beads representing "coal" printed with "coal" on puff paint and add a hanger to make Christmas decorations;Fill felt socks with large pieces of gravel sprayed with black flash paint;Or paint the word "naughty" on the glass jar with glass paint and fill it with black foil --Wrap chocolate coal candy and finish with festive ribbons and bows.Make your own "coal" in the form of sugar biscuits colored with black food gel ".
Before baking, roll each cookie up with sparkling black sugar.When cool, wrap individual cookies with metal black foil and place them in a linen gift bag tied with Rafiya or hemp rope.Make your own sugar-Make a coal candy based on the formula of sugar, corn syrup, black edible pigment gel, water and fennel extract, or another flavor of your choice.
The finished product will be a solid piece of candy.Use a clean hammer to break the block into small pieces and store it in a glass paper bag coated with paint, decorated tin or tied with ribbons.By creating a coal craft gift box that can be used to store special gifts, the naughty and beautiful are merged together.
Use a hexagon-The craft shop offers cartons of different shapes and paints them in black.Add a layer of black paper towel and fix it with glue removed.When dry, spray with another layer of black paint and finish with a black flash.
Add the "good" gift of your choice.
For real art, carving coal crafts can be considered.Use head, coke or lump coal to make artistic shapes of various shapes or designs using sand carving technology.The coal carving can be made with fine glazed surfaces into highly polished works, or the unpolished works of the countryside can be made with rough lines.
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