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black tissue paper creative gift ideas using your home printer -

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-16
Homemade gifts can save a lot of money than impersonal shopsbought gifts.Creating your own DIY gift can also add some style tailored to the personality of the recipient.The three creative gifts below are cheap and have amazing factors.The best part is that these gifts are made from your own home printer.If you are looking for a unique, romantic gift that will remind you of the past and commemorate a special town, such as the town where you are married, the location of the city you meet or your first home.You need a printed image of a map, home printer, card paper, embroidery needle, red embroidery thread, scissors and photo frame.Search online for a map of your special location and print it on your card inventory.Cut the card into the right size to fit the frame.Pass the embroidery thread through the needle;Make a summary at the end to prevent the line from being separated.Poke a hole in the card holder with a needle, then start your stich at the back to hide the summary.Then simply sew a small heart around a location on the map that will highlight this particular location.After completing the heart stitching, simply put the map in the photo frame.Making home cooking books is an ideal gift for kids who are about to move out or siblings who are about to get married.Pay tribute to the delicious cooking skills of the family, which may be a thoughtful gift for the mother, grandmother or mother --in-law as well.If you are interested in making a home recipe, you will need your home printer, white card, scisors, recipe card template and photo album.You can find the recipe card template for free in the HP.Com, among other websites.In Microsoft Word, Open Office, or editable PDF, type the recipe card template.If the template allows to take photos, download photos of the recipes from the Internet to enrich your recipes.Print the recipe card to the card and cut it by size.Then simply insert them into the sleeve of the album.The cost of DIY canvas printing custom canvas printing starts at $50 and exceeds $100.However, it costs less than $20 to do one thing yourself.You need your home printer, photo editing program, a standard print paper, a white paper towel, clear tape, scissors, brushes and Mod-Podge.Cut the paper towel into the size of the paper on the printer, each side has a prominent part of 1 inch.Place the paper towel on a flat surface and place the print paper on it.Stick the prominent part to the printer paper with adhesive tape, and then insert it into the paper cartridge of the home printer.Use the image editing software to adjust the photo you want to print to a black and white or dark brown setting as it will be printed in a higher quality than the color photo.Print the photo onto the paper and then cut the paper towel along the edge of the standard print paper.Brush a thin layer of ModAttach the paper towel to the canvas and stick it very carefully;In order to avoid wrinkles, it is best to work in a small part.Finally, trim the excess tissue from the edge of the canvas to make sure that a straight line is formed as much as possible.As you can see, your home printer can not only print grocery lists and files, but also use them.This is a creative center that can help you create amazing personalized gifts for your friends and family.
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