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black tissue paper from the heart -

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-16

The rough, rough carpet in front of our small apartment was worn out.My 7 year old brother John and 9 year old I ran around this place and didn't know we were living below the poverty line.Our father recently passed away and my mother desperately tried to support both of us by being a hairdresser for long hours.Her good wishes were badly damaged by alcohol abuse.In order to survive in a family that has experienced great emotional pain and stress, we have developed maladjustment, forced behavior.Both John and I were nervous and did all sorts of unbalanced behaviors to meet our needs.The saving grace of these desperate years when I was young was our amazing community living in Clayton, Missouri.Clayton is a wealthy suburb of St.Louis.So far, public schools have a high rating and are one of the best schools in the state.The children who are fortunate enough to attend are ready for college.Most citizens of Clayton are healthy, contributing, and social members.For professionals and connoisseurs, my family is on the edge of this Mecca.A kind act of kindness allows us to enjoy the opportunity to receive a good education.When my father died in 1950, his distant cousin owned our apartment building.He continued to rent to my mother for a significantly reduced price.I have been told many times that we would most likely live on the street without this gift.I have never taken this gesture of love for granted.The real effort is from the heart and there is no expectation.Compassion for others and then taking action on them is an act of love.When this far-The relatives who were taken away rented an apartment for us at a lower price and he did not know how his kindness would change my life.I have many friends who welcome me home.I was able to share my experience with talented peopleBalanced peopleThis gives me the opportunity to stay sane outside of my own instant dysfunctional environment.Although I didn't know it at the time, I was learning morality from these excellent families.When I was in my 20 s and 30 s, I was building a foundation that could nourish me for years.Another gift for me was my mother's sister and her husband aunt Letha and Uncle Wally.They are more lovely, considerate and balanced than the rest of our relatives.Perhaps the word should be used: But to be fair, they are rather naive and do not acknowledge the emotional abuse that my brother and I have experienced.My aunt often rubs deep brows between my eyes and comments, "Kay, why are you always frowning?You must stop.This will be a permanent fixture on your face."She doesn't know that we are living together every day in the midst of major upheaval.My aunt and uncle have no children.They deliberately gave John and I a lot of love and attention to fill the gaps in our lives.I cherish the memories of my soul.Famous-Bar, a family in St.Louis, there is a lovely tea room.Several Saturdays a year, my aunt would invite me to accompany her to lunch downtown.I remember going through the unique blocks several times along the way.We were all wearing white gloves and my long finger was on her hand.Hand in hand, walk with her to the cosy restaurant, enjoy a wonderful lunch, and then comb through the "sale" items in the basement, which is such a simple gesture;I'm in heaven.Aunt Lisa knows I like to dress up.I only have one set of clothes and I wear them proudly every time I go out.While we rarely buy anything on our journey, I will always remember how safe it is to be with her, only the two of us.So is my uncle.He will escort me to the local drive steak and milkshake with the blue De SotoHave a cheese burger once a week.We sat on the uncomfortable black leather stool and barely spoke, but I just enjoyed being with him.What a kind man he is!When my friend and I go to the movies on Friday night, we usually need a ride home.I would call Uncle Wally and he would get up, get dressed, drive to the three towns to see a movie, pick us all up and take every girl home.He never complains or refuses to do so, a gesture of love for his niece.The two of them gave time and money freely.Every year on my birthday, I have a full year of ballet, tap dance and jazz classes.They paid for all my dancing shoes and costumes.I can't learn dance.I continued to teach at the local theater where dance and dance contributed a lot to my survival in 1950s and 1960s.Valentine's Day has always been special to me.I remember thinking of my classmates as early as elementary school and carefully deciding which rhyme is best for every friend.This poem is very important;I dare not use the word "love" to a boy.My 9-year-old daughter was equally picky when picking her options in 32 group bags purchased from a pharmacy.She and I took the day seriously.Over the years, we have made our own cards for up to 50 friends and family.We used watercolors, acrylic, doilies, old-Stickers, glitter and glue.We will complete each design with a suitable poem.Since each layer takes time to dry, the project will begin in early January.We had a great time in the symbolic sense of February 14, and it was a good time to honor our loved ones with heartfelt emotions.My husband and I are in St. Brian.Valentine's Day approaches 1986.As a woman who depends on each other, I am still cured of the disease for many years.This is the first time I have been able to give a man something romantic without feeling poor and trying to control the gift exchange.I didn't have much money at the time, but it didn't stop me from creating a valuable gift.I decided to give him a basket containing something that touched his five senses of vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch.I found a cheap woven container at cost and lined it with pink and red paper towels: For the sake of sight, I made a collage full of various colored heart shapes;Gold Band's tape "love songs are back" (It's not his taste of music, it's an important thought), Man Cologne (later I found out he didn't wear cologne), taste, home-The brownie cake I learned right away was his favorite, and the soap was touched on the rope.Until today, I think "soap on the rope" is a strange phenomenon.Not comfortable to use, but it looks practical.I also have one in the shower.These five projects completed my presentation.What I don't know is that Brian has his own surprise.We recently opened a candy store on 16 th Street near San Francisco.A hardworking couple rented the small space and they made the most delicious chocolate.They display gorgeous velvet heart-shaped boxes filled with their signature truffles.I will pass there on my way to the trolley and dream of receiving a beautiful burgundy box with great envy.Of course I didn't dare to mention it to Brian, because our relationship is new.He also passed the shop and bought me a box and sent me a bunch of flowers as a gift.I was deeply moved because I never received a heart-shaped chocolate box from a boyfriend.This year marks the 20 th anniversary of candy owner Joseph Schmidt.Now the whole world knows.I received many heart-shaped boxes from their store in San Francisco, but none of them were more precious than the first one.I'm sentimental.Brian also surprised me with a gift.He pulled out a bunch of things from his pocket that looked like metal wires.I don't know what to say because I don't know what that is.When I looked more closely and undid that group, I saw him make a hanging sculpture of a heart-shaped wire.This original artwork has rusted over time, but after 19 years it continues to hang in our kitchen, reminding me to marry a great man.He kept telling me he had no ideas.I don't agree with him.I was filled with joy with this touching design, like the sweet burgundy velvet box full of Joseph Schmidt truffles.When the gift from the heart is giving gifts, are you stumped?I want to share some ideas that inspire your imagination.When you express your gratitude to another person in a thoughtful gesture, you will also be satisfied.It feels good to see someone smile.Don't be shy. try these today.1.Buy disposable bread trays with lids (they are usually packed into 3.) Bake your favorite bread mixture and wrap it in a beautiful bow.If you can't tie a bow, don't worry, they're ready --made in bags.2.Take photos of your family and friends doing regular daily activities outside and around the house.There is a replica of the picture (usually the second set is free ).) Buy small cheap albums found in camera stores and large pharmacies, 12-24 pictures.Give these to the people you love.Parents and grandparents cherish these small albums.3.Take a moment if you have a digital cameraMail friends and family on your mailing list with current pictures.Take a camera with you to catch an emergency.4.On an index card or colored construction paper, a series of coupons are made with ribbons or bound into brochures.Be imaginative about these coupons.Adult: a home-Cooked food, one night at the theater, one night at the dance, free child care for the kids, a weekend getaway, a day on the beach, and more.Think about this.What do you really want and need for someone you can give?I have done it so many times.Really interesting!You can do the same for the kids: spend the day at the amusement park, swim on the beach, play professional baseball games or other sports, books or videos of their choice.Just make sure you're ready to do a child coupon for what you offer.Specify how often you can use it, or give it once.5.Support your friends and loved ones by calling them or by going to their house to listen to you.Ask questions about how they feel.When our elderly relatives start to repeat themselves, we usually quit.Try to really listen to them and serve them.6.Always send a thank you card when someone gives you a gift.Draw a picture in words.Describe how special the gift is and how you intend to use it.7.Write a letter to a friend who has lost his loved ones.After a few weeks, when loneliness really comes, call them and let them talk about their losses.8.If you are one of those rare people who find cleaning and organizing treatment, provide your service with a card or coupon.A couple once did it for me.It was amazing.As a birthday present, they did a spring cleaning in my apartment.Wow!9.Even if it's not your taste, take a friend or lover to a concert or sports event.Make sure they are available that night and surprise them with tickets.You can also take them out for dinner, which is really special.10.If you are a couple, please stay outside for one night.I talked to many people who felt lost and lonely in divorce and widowed.They enjoyed a fun night here.11.It is proposed to drive an old man without transportation to do his or her daily chores.Sometimes people are weak and need help when shopping.You can do things for them if they don't have the ability.12.Bake a variety of cookies in decorative pots or baskets.Wrap it in cellophane and tie it tightly with beautiful ribbons and hanging gift cards.Sign your notes with a gel pen and remember to draw a heart when you sign.Love, affection, tenderness, compassion, understanding, and friendship all come out of the most important parts of our lives.From the heart to the heart, from the soul to the soul, we inject energy into our consciousness.For each of us, on the path of healing, this is the best way to get life.I will give it to myself today.What about you?
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