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black tissue paper Fun Fall Crafts to Do With Your Kids

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-13

With the arrival of autumn and winter weather, the air is cold, the leaves change color, falling off all the trees, in some areas, the early autumn months have been snowing.Autumn usually means change.It's half the school year, family and holidays, and the beginning of the new year.There is so much excitement around and it's not easy to stay still.To make matters worse, as the cool weather blows in, it's too cold, too wet in some places, or both too cold to even go out and enjoy it all., Not only did I try to make the most of the weather outside, but I also tried to enrich my time with interesting activities, interesting crafts, interesting articles in my case.This is the perfect time to make Turkey, Scarecrow, autumn leaves and beautiful central pieces to decorate my fall home.I really believe that you and all your kids will have a great time putting together these fun fall crafts!Hope you like it!Cute to hang on the wall or on the fridge!1.Start with a fresh and clean sheet of paper, prepare paint for your child on a different sheet of paper, put a brown trunk pool on a plate, and other small pools of autumn colors on other plates.2.You may need to help your little one break their hands into brown paint and press them on the paper on the trunk.3.They should probably wash their hands after this part.4.Now they can use their fingers to create leaves of different colors on the entire branch.5.If it helps, you might want to create one from the start (or create one with them) so they can get a rough idea, but still be able to take advantage of their imagination.6.Wash your hands well after the activity.Dry thoroughly before hanging or displaying.Make sure they sign their work so they can show off to others and give you a souvenir for the future.Hang this over the crib, the children's bed, and even above the table for Thanksgiving dinner.1.You'll want to start by listing all your materials and creating a framework for your phone.2.You can let your child do it yourself without direction, or give them an example of preparing materials for them in advance.3.I recommend starting this activity by taking your child for a natural walk and having them choose their own mobile items.4.To make a frame, cut a rope about 1 feet long.5.You will want to tie a circle on one side to hang the other end and tie it to the center of a firm stick.6.Cut out two more ropes about 1 feet long, tied to each end of the original stick.7.Tie the other end of each rope to the center of the new stick.8.Cut a rope about 2 feet long and tie one end to the center of the original stick.9.Continue the process with other sticks.Your phone can be big or as long as you like.10.Heat up your glue gun and make sure to supervise its use of older kids and do this part yourself with younger kids.11.You will want to stick each of your natural items to each of our ropes so that they will hang off your stick.12.After completion, tie the weight of the ball to the end of each string to keep the moving length straight when hanging.Not only is this an interesting festival tradition I love to do every year, but these are all made for a beautiful display and can be fixed on the wall.1.This is one of the activities that each of us may experience in primary school, but as adults, it's still fun.2.Take your child for a fresh natural walk, preferably when it's dry and not too cold outside, pick up all kinds of beautiful leaves for your extension.3.To start the activity, you can have your child put a leaf at a time, or put a bunch of leaves on the table, put their files on it, and rub with the colored crayons of their choice.4.I recommend wiping one leaf at a time so you can color each leaf in a different color.5.To create a "extension" without destroying the leaves, you will want to remove the crayons wrapping paper, put the crayons on the paper, and gently rub each leaf until the texture of the leaves begins to appear.6.Encourage your child to be creative.Then I will show them on the wall.Show off the amazing creations of your kids for all the neighbors to see.These beautiful stained glass works will definitely attract people's attention and surprise!1.For each colored glass leaf you want to make, you need two black leaf shapes.2.I will start by tracing or freely drawing one or two leaves and fold your building paper in half so that you can still see your pencil marks and cut two leaves at a time.3.You will then gently fold one of your leaves and cut a seam in the middle to insert your scissors.Then cut another leaf shape from the middle of the first leaf, leave at least an inch to half an inch around the boundary, and stick your two leaf shapes together.4.To get the same shape from the middle of your other leaf (the second part of your first stained glass leaf), place them on top of each other, and follow your cut on the second block.In this way, you can make sure to cut the exact same shape from the second leaf.5.At the same time, tear the color of the paper towel you choose into small pieces.6.Stick them together with your glue, slightly overlap the edges and give them something to stick together to make the shape as big as your leaf pattern.7.When done, stick the tissue to a leaf and make sure the tissue is at least black but not bigger than the Leaf.You need to cut or tear the tissue to fit inside the black paper.8.Stick the second leaf to the top of the first leaf, covering the edge of the paper towel tear.9.If you choose, you can make a hole in the top of the leaf and hang it with a rope.Celebrate autumn in the best way, acknowledging all the animals that appear in autumn.You can even see the animals and take pictures of some of the animals you see so that you and your children can breed them on the fallen leaves.1.Collect leaves from outside.They are not necessarily Brown, but may always be green, yellow, orange, red or chestnut.Autumn offers such a rich selection of colors.2.This diverse color also makes it easy to let the imagination go away when designing animals.Orange leaves are easy to be foxes, Brown leaves are bears and so on.3.Once you 've collected your leaves and brought it home, it's time to decorate them.When you recreate the animals on the leaves, you may want to take a look at the photos of them.4.If you want to go all out, spend two months in autumn and winter observing the animals and taking pictures of interesting animals in your area and drawing on your leaves.5.Use a colored pencil, or even a thin brush or a small brush, draw different animals on your leaves, which can then be displayed in a moving frame on the wall, or insert a beautiful fall mat.Enjoy!Make a beautiful wreath for your front door and share everything you and your family appreciate with all your visitors, what a great way!1.Cut a bunch of leaf shapes from your colored building paper.2.Stick the edges of the leaves together to form a circle and overlap a little so that there is still enough room on each leaf to write down your blessings.3.Encourage your children to think about what they are thankful.You can even suggest something you should be thankful.Some great ideas!4.Write a blessing on each leaf.Your little one may want to finish their own wreath, or you can do it collectively as a family, write down what you appreciate on the leaves (you may want a larger wreath to do it ).5.Stick your rope or hemp rope around your leaves, leave enough ends above your wreath, tie it to the bow and hang it on your door.6.If you choose, decorate your wreath with more ropes/hemp ropes or ribbons.Enjoy!For just one dollar, you can prepare beautiful mats for every guest at Thanksgiving dinner.1.It's super easy and fun!These results are amazing!2.Start with a natural walk and collect some beautiful fallen leaves.3.At home, cut two contact sheets of the same size to fit your floor mat.4.Lay a piece of paper flat on the table and take it down (leaving a sticky side ).5.Be careful to put your leaves on the paper the way you want them, and gently press them on the paper.(Your child may want to put them aside before putting them on sticky paper.They get stuck once the leaves are placed.6.Next, peel a little paper on one side of the second contact paper.The trick is to reveal only a little sticky part of the second piece of paper at a time.7.Match the edges, sticky side and sticky side on both sheets of paper and remove any bubbles flat.8.Continue to expose the more sticky paper, press the sides together and push out any bubbles until you walk all the way to the edge.9.If for some reason it doesn't lie down straight and there is a sticky paper display on one side or the other, just cut it off and make sure the edge of your mat is kept good and straight.10.If done correctly, you should have a good seal between the two sheets of paper, sealing the beautiful leaves you collect inside, without bubbles.These will be very beautiful at your Thanksgiving table.How proud will your kids be when they can tell everyone they made the fall Center for your Thanksgiving dinner?1.Your kids will really love this project!You can choose to fill it up with a transparent jar or replace it with lace or hemp rope.In this activity I will guide you to cover cans or cans with hemp ropes.2.Start with a transparent jar or jar.Put a line of glue on the top edge of the jar or jar.Put down your hemp rope and walk around the jar placed in the glue.3.Press and hold the end of the winding while drawing another glue line around the jar next to the first line of the winding.4.Stay wrapped around your jar and cover the glue you're laying.5.Once you put the can down half with a hemp rope, or the glue dries at the end of your hold, you can let go of the end of the hemp rope.6.Liner the jar with glue and wrap around the jar until the whole jar (or jar) is covered by wrapping.Cut the end and make sure it sticks together.7.The advantage of using covered hemp rope cans is that you can fill the bottom with a newspaper instead of finding enough nuts or berries to fill the whole jar.8.Tuck your sticks into the newspaper (or berries) until they look as you wish.9.Stick nuts or berries to the top between the top of the newspaper and the top of the jar or jar.This will prevent them from falling off as they move your center and will put your stick where you want it.10.Finally, tear off a few paper towels in your chosen color, ball up, gently glue in it, and press it where you want them to look like leaves.The glue will melt the paper a little and let you basically break it into your tree.11.Do all your paper before your tree is fully covered, look!12.Let it dry thoroughly before use.These look great at your table!Arts and crafts are very interesting whether it's family projects or ids working alone.Children will love it when they start creating beautiful things, especially if you use it at home and show it to everyone.They are very proud of the work done well and will be happy to show their work to friends and family, which will help you to decorate your family for their arrival.While crafts are great at any time of the year, it's especially fun to do something different and unique during the holidays.It tells your child that something is changing and something exciting is about to happen and that's the perfect way to celebrate!
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