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black tissue paper How to Make a Paper Plate Zebra

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-13

It is easy to make paper tray zebra using simple craft supplies.You probably already have most of these items at home, which means it's also frugal to make zebras and other crafts with paper plates.The fact that kids can go through a lot of material when they start making, so this craft is so cheap can be a real blessing.String -Look at the shape of the zebra black pattern on both sides of the face, the area of the gun (or mouth) and the shape of the ear.These are the shapes you want to cut out with building paper.For this zebra Cardboard project, I recommend using white and black construction paper (unless you have foam or feel like you want to use it ).Your child can make his or her zebra any color they like!The black pattern on the side of the zebra face is triangular --Long thin triangleThe muzzle or mouth area is round.Ears are made of black white paper cut into leaf shape.Some longer rectangular black paper was also cut and a horse mane was left for the zebra.Once the shapes are cut out, show your child how to put them on the back of the paper tray so they can see the exact location they want them to go.When the kids are happy with the look, help them stick the paper to these areas.Add Google eyes and make nostrils and mouths with marker pens.This is how easy this paper tray project is!As you can see in the picture, the mark of this zebra is very similar to the previous craft project.Almost all zebras are the same.Because you do the first project on this page, your child may be prepared for more fun.So let them make this kind of paper tray zebra mask that is easy to make.After the production is completed, the fun will last for a long time.You can see that this mask is made by coloring in the black stripes of the zebra.There is also a new process supply, great.This is how this mask covers your child's face.They can lift it up.Yarn -Googly Eyes -This zebra finger puppet is called a card Library...But I bet you can make one with a paper tray.Hole Punch -First cut the shape for the zebra's body, neck and head.The body will be an oval shape.It's like a rectangle with rounded corners.In my opinion, the shape of the neck and head is like a roundabout ang...Or you can cut a cylinder shape and a small oval for the head.Two triangles will be the perfect shape for zebra ears.Use your hole punch to Punch 4 finger holes at the bottom of the oval you are going to use for the body.Paint and brush with your craft to paint some stripes on the zebra's body, neck and face.Let the paint dry completely.It's time to stick your zebra together.If you cut the body, neck and head with 3 sheets of paper.Stick them togetherThen apply glue to your ears and you can.If you cut only 2 pieces from the card, assemble it and stick it to your ears.Add some pretty eyes and your zebra may start to look really good.Cut your yarn into small pieces, stick to the mane (or back) of the zebra neck, and stick to the top of the head between the ears.Finally Make a tail with a few black yarn.You can make a knot at the bottom.Stick it in the right placeLet all the glue dry before you put your finger into the finger hole and play with your paper finger puppet.Snacks, crafts and kids are a perfect combination.You can make these delicious-looking snacks with a pretzel stick and candy melt.They are easy to make and super simple to eat.
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