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black tissue paper how to use binoculars -

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-16

From bird watching to watching sports at the stadium, telescopes help people enjoy entertainment more effectively.By enlarging the distance, the eyes are closer.But you have to know how to use them properly.Instructions for Use: 1.Wrap the two-barrel strap around your neck so that it saves the eyes of a sudden fall.2.Adjust the barrel of the telescope;All you need to do is move the bucket closer or further as you lift the telescope to your eyes.If you adjust the telescope correctly, you should not see the black "border" when you look through the telescope ".3.Locate the central focusing wheel, usually in the middle of two barrels of binoculars.As you look at a particular object in the distance, slowly move the wheel to get the best image of the eye.You may need to re-From distant objects to closed objects focus from time to time.4.Fine-If you have a folding focusing device on your binoculars, please adjust your viewing angle.Not all telescopes have this focusing element, which helps to compensate for the visual differences you may experience in each eye.The optometry focus adjustment wheel is usually on the right-Hand tube eyepiece.5.Clean after using the binoculars.A soft cloth is enough for the fuselage of the telescope.Processed paper towels for cleaning cameras and glasses can wipe the lenses safely.When you don't use a telescope, put it in your suitcase.Cleaning instructions: 1.Blow the dust off each lens with a can of compressed air.2.Clean the remaining dirt and grease on each lens with lens cleaner and lens cloth.When cleaning, start at the center of the lens and rotate outward.3.Scrub the gap of the box with a softToothbrush.4.Wipe the shell with a slightly damp cloth.Tips and warnings * lens covers should be used when not using both eyes.Remove the lens cover (to prevent condensation) and keep the binoculars clean and protected using the double barrel housing.* Cleaning the lens with a rough cleaner or a rough cloth will scratch the lens.More 1.Set a view for the distance between students (eyes.Bend two barrels until you can see a circle.It is called the distance between the pupil (IPD ).2.To focus on the telescope, close your right eye and see an object with your left eye.Rotate the center focus wheel until the iObject is clear and clear.3.Open your right eye and close your left eye.Rotate the correct transmittance (eyepiece) until the object is clear and clear.4.Both of these eyepiece are now in focus.All you need to do is use the center focus wheel to focus on another object.5.New users will have to repeat these steps to align and focus objects.Tips and warnings for the zoom telescope *, at the highest magnification, move the zoom lever to increase or reduce the power to align the telescope.* Fold the rubber eye cover down if you wear glasses-The Cup for comfortable and convenient viewing is aligned with the telescope.
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