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black tissue paper how to write a book and get published (updated)

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-16

We hope that the following article is an excerpt from our online creative writing course that may be helpful for your e-commerceOr on your website.This article (like all of my articles) can be freely published either electronically or in print.If it helps others in any way then we will be very happy.We share what we know so that we can all grow.Published \ 'and for \ "off-The World published years ago.I hope these suggestions will help aspiring authors.* What is the definition of aspiring author?A waiter!I write a book!What!!!Is "pipe dream" still possible?Recognition by publishers.Helps to submit your manuscript (hard copy )...Show your "artwork": not how you dress, but how you "dress up" your work.A few points to help you: * all text should be double spaced.I don't know what "double space" means.\"Dumbo\".Then, "Sonnyboy" went a long way!) * A4 on one side with at least 25mm edges on both sides * black ink.Use the new ribbon.Remember that...I can afford it.Do not use pins or staples."Dangerous Weapon" * write "copy end" on your last page * enter an approximate number of words (I don't do this) lazy boy!).The manuscript is put together, so it appears on the editor's desk as a whole.Do not send in sections (after writing or checking.Then the pieces are more likely to be misplaced (it sounds disgusting!).And this often happens.I mean, publisher.A computer disc (I made it) and also wrote the work on paper.non-Technical terms for "software.No paper towels, please!Note: Make a copy of everything.All messages should have a return address.A letter with your manuscript.Another publisherWrite it right away.* (Large word) not submitted ).Find a publisher for your manuscript!This is consistent with the efforts of your art work.The last few words..It seems extremely daunting to write a book...Fly to the moon );That's what talent does.Divide it into "small pieces ".No only joking!Please treat all animals with great care.The key is to take the first step in writing the first sentence...As writing becomes a daily habit.Simple flow into the next...the next one.Stick to different publishers and don't be afraid to be rejected.Look at this....Here is the actual rejection notice received about these famous and very successful books...# \ "It is impossible to sell animal stories in the United States.George Orwell's book: Animal Farm, girls don't, there's a special feeling or feeling for me that will lift that book to the point of "curiosity."This book:" Ann Frank's diary "for us, you have not been completely successful in coming up with an idea that is recognized as promising.\ "Wiliam Golding # \" do not publish this book for your own benefit."The Book of DH Lawrence:" The Lover of Mrs. Chatterley "is a novel about the artist.Owen Stone's desire for life cracked the crystal ball for these authors.I have some hope for you too!As Nike ads say, just do that and hopefully one day I will see your name on print or www.Eureka!Craig believes sharing information and insight will change the world: helping and especially encouraging people to embark on a magical journey of life...This brought him the greatest joy.and www.lulu.
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