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black tissue paper Making No-Sew Fairy Wings

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-13

Making your own fairy wings can be a fun project or a great way to get the exact look of the outfit you are making.The definition of fairy wings has gone beyond the simple fairy, covering a variety of wings suitable for Angel, butterfly and Gothic bat wings.They have gone beyond just Halloween.Fairy Wings are a great choice for dance clubs, Spring Festival, rainy days and fire people.You can't go to sci-There are dozens of changes not seen in the fi or clothing conference.I even knew that one or two brides had fairy wings as part of their wedding dress.Most people fear the most when they do sew your own wings.FEAR NOT!...You will find some great things here.Sew "the way to make your own fairy wings!The first thing you need to do before you start making wings is to decide what they will look like.This allows you to plan all the next things and helps you figure out what you can do during the time you have to make those plans and what budget you need.Wings don't have to be expensive unless you're not willing to be content with something that can only be made expensive.Sit down and take some white paper, your favorite drawing tool (pen, pencil, crayons) and make a very rough sketch of what you want your wings to look like.Don't worry about the exact size, but give yourself a good idea of wing shape, color and any pattern.Before you make up your mind, you may find that you have to spend time reading books filled with butterfly pictures or fairy illustrations online or in the library.How many times do these wings have to be worn?How strong do they need to be?Will they wear inside or outside?Based on your answer to yourself, it will start to give you an idea of how you can simply make wings.It may rain if you need to be outside, you don't want to make wings out of paper towels, but the cardboard sprayed with a waterproof seal may get you through one --The activity of the day is very good.If you're going to wear them once and then throw them away, it might be quick to make them with thick paper or paper towels that stick to the thin lineand-You are looking for cheap options.How to make wings for one personThere are several ways to make fairy wings for those who are in a hurry or don't have much in sewing skills.The basic question to consider is how durable you want your wings to be, how big you want them to be, how many times they will be worn.If you need a wingtime-Only clothing or activities, there are many ways to use the material you already have at hand very quickly.You can make them with paper or cardboard, just decorate the surface.Large chunks of oaktag (manila folder paper) can be used ).You can find volumes of this material in better art stores.You can also use the sides of the big carton (get bigger and faster ).For good colors you don't need paint and things that are very well worn in public, try to find a large piece of flexible craft foam.You can tie your wings together to make the spine (try the brightly colored tape) and then add some ropes, elastic bands or fabric to bring them to wear.If you don't want the spine to be completely flexible, you can use a 1 "PVC pipe.Measure from a few inches below the neck to a few inches above the waist to determine the length.Cut as needed, polish the edges smooth with bright tapeColor tape.Tie the wings to the spine and decorate everything that matches.Fancy No-If you want to make bigger and more refined fairy wings, here is a great way to make shiny rainbow wings using cellophane or even plastic film.You will use glue instead of sewing for these wings.Start with 14g or 16g wires.You can make the outline of the wings, or you can make some veins and curls inside the wings.I waited until I covered each wing and then connected them to each other, because it was easier to put them on the plane when they were independent of each other.For glue, I like to use strong craft glue that is dry and transparent.Other good options are colored glue that matches your wings, or with sparkling glue.Make sure the glue works on plastic and metal so it can stick the wings together.Do not use hot glue if working with cellophane, because the heat of the glue will melt the wing material.Lay out a wing shape and carefully apply a small amount of glue to the part of the wire facing up.Gently spread the cellophane material over the glue so that there is skin on one side of the wings.Turn the wing over so that the cellophane side is now down and the wire side is up.Once again, carefully apply the glue to the wing line, and then lay a second piece of cellophane on it.You now clip the wire between two layers of cellophane.When the glue is dry, be careful to trim off any excess cellophane so your wings will take shape.If you make wire shapes very carefully, sometimes you can even trim the internal shapes and spaces for cuttingOn your wings.Stick the two wings together with tape or glue to make a "spine" and add the straps.If the wings are made with a bodice or bodice, you can make the spine section so that it can slide into the garment and hold the wings without the straps.Now, if you want, you can add any glitter, feathers or other decorations to your wings.
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