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black tissue paper my grandmother: a model for positive psychology

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-16

My grandmother was a model of positive psychology and she gave me a valuable lesson: it was easier to catch bees with honey than with vinegar.For her and her devotion to the Holy Mother, I was named "Mary ".My mom, dad, brother, sister and I stayed upstairs in her spacious Victorian old house until she died in 1957.She's not dead alone.Her ten children prayed around the bed.During my Catholic upbringing, grandmother's death was called "Happy Death" because she was in a state of grace when God took her back.But in terms of the way everyone cries, it doesn't seem really happy to me.Her grandmother called her home the "Central Station" because so many of her children have given birth and they always come and visit.My mother's brothers and sisters often visit and often hold impromptu parties.Her three daughters.The Maguire Sisters performed by Sarah, Eleanor and Dorothy were very harmonious.Especially grandma, this makes everyone very happy.Everyone in our town calls her "mom" because she is everyone's mom.I was impressed when I was a child.Convince me that "mom" is not a simple name but a very respectable title.Also, she always made me feel special: paid me a dime to dust me at her table and fed me M & M because I was cute.Grandma was unconscious and whenever I let her in and out her dentures made me laugh hysterically.But her most interesting trick is to take out her teeth together and put them in a glass.Now, when you're nine, that's the real barrier to talk.She likes to play with fish and the old maid, and for some strange reason I always pick the Old Maid card that makes her laugh and shoot her knees.It tells me that it also makes me happy to make others happy.I especially like to see her happy.When we finished playing, I rolled her thick cotton socks down and rubbed her legs with plum.Poor Grandma, her veins are swollen and painful and always make me want to cry.She will smile, though;Close the tan eyes and sigh, "Thank you, Mary Jane.Mary Josephine also taught me humility.She wants to confess every week;I want to tell her about the crime and admit her mistake.Finally, the young Irish priest, whom she admitted, said, "Madam.McCarter, please don't come every week.You have no sin;You don't need to come.She was insulted and began to cry that she had many sins.She didn’t.She is as good as gold.Grandma also told me that every woman needs something specific to acknowledge her personal style.She had a hand-carved cedar case herself.Wrapped in thin paper, it is a fur collar, charming, black, silky and smooth.She lets me wear it whenever I play "dress up.She said it was made of bear hair.Wow, I 've never heard of anyone having real bear fur made stuff, so I think she's secretly exotic.She also put a lot of hats in that box;My family is wearing a hat.My mother herself has a lot: velvet hats with diamonds --Five different color wool scarves with veils and feathers.However, mom hid her stuff in the attic, but I got a strict order not to risk going there.When I obey my mother's orders, I do not obey them whenever she leaves the house, and I tend to do so.What kids won't?That attic was another world, and I sat on her youngest sister Dot's Hollywood-style dresser for hours, holding three mirrors and putting on her Dorothy Gray face powder and lipsMy aunt Dot's marriage name is gray so I think it's another sign that we are a famous family.Here are some of the more character modeling that comes from the grandmother that permeates: how to keep something of your own.You see, she knew I was there to play games that shouldn't have been played, but she never told me because "it's our secret.Grandma agrees with cautionOf course, in terms of alcoholBecause she thought drinking was a direct route to the devil, after World War II, the movie star had black sewed stockings, high balls and lucky blows on her lips.At that time, men went to the bar and they called it the "app" and had separate entrances with women.I think it's strange.In our family, if someone wants a drink and wants Grandma to like it, they 'd better sneak a beer or whiskey.Sometimes my father did this in a pub just a few steps away from our house.This puddle is called "conway" but no one has ever used the name and instead everyone calls it "that place" so Grandma won't find out.My dad will tell her and my mom that he is going to take me out with my brother for a few hours.The "where" part is a surprise.All of a sudden my brother and I found ourselves sitting on a spinning stool, drinking a beer in a frosted cup, and chewing the salty nuts in the small bag with the gentlemanHere's a picture of peanuts.Mr.Peanuts are people walking around the Ocean City boardwalk in front of a place called "Nut House.\ 'It's great to hang out with our dad in that place, this place, or anywhere.It wasn't great until my mother heard where we went.Then I went to my father and brother.I was a feminist when I was five years old, and my mother told me that "that place is not a girl's place" prompted me to first ask for an explanation of why, because her explanation was meaningless at all, so her temper broke out completely!My mother said, "Mary Jane, you are asking too much!I have been appreciating the power of the word "request" for years, because the translated meaning is, "I know what I want and I won't stop unless I get it!Even then, whenever I stand up and defend my rights, or repeatedly step on my feet, my grandmother simply smiles and says, "Maybe we can do some candy apples"You see, she's the genius to use the honey I mentioned earlier.She works with me, just like early missionaries and people --They feed them first.But Grandma's nature is her real baby.God knows that her sweet character has captured everyone's heart.She was an indelible blessing in my childhood and I was lucky that I learned all the lessons from her knees.Because Mary Josephine finnitty McCarter, I always hear bees buzzing around me.Mary Jane Hurley brandS.Simple Rich Publishing House, October 2008Every day is important.
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