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blister pack packaging Action Figures - an Interesting Tale

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-12

When I was young...Recently, when I was walking by the sand pit in my grandmother's garden, I noticed a little golden head looking out of the sand.It's my old C.The 3PO action map must have been buried there for 30 years and somehow surfaced again.It brings back good memories of my favorite character's childhood time playing in the sand pit.When I was a child, after watching return of the Jedi, I would take my numbers to the bunker and play the scene.The battle will happen, the numbers will be buried, hidden, and then rescued again.The next part of the adventure is to bring these numbers into the woods on the other side of the garden and set up bases on trees, hideouts and battle stations.This is the perfect place to re-Experience the adventure of the return of the Jedi.What else did I do with numbers?If a person loses a game, as punishment, he may be put in the fridge for a while, or even a glass of water.What you do!I have other favorite monsters in my pocket.This is a collection of ancient and legendary monster series.In the meantime, I'm a major fan of Street Fighter 2, so I'll fight between the two of them and do all the moves --Flying fish Ray, Dragon boxing and harduken are just a few.Compared to other toys, action characters have something special.There are no toys like them that can interpret childhood fantasies so well.There are many things you can do with them.Can be used with other toysPut in a vehicle or toy building.They are of course the most memorable toys I have ever had.No doubt, pre-dollAction figures.The only problem is that most boys don't want to play with dolls.Hasbro launched the first action picture \ "G.I.Joe was from brainchild Stan Weston in his 60 s.This is a military figure dressed in changeable clothes and gives birth to the action figures of the future generation.Hasbro decided to authorize the product to other companies and markets, and soon after, similar numbers began to be produced and sold worldwide.Following this success, Marvel and DC comic characters have been licensed by other companies such as Mego.Another global player, Kenner, got permission from Mego for Star Wars characters, which was very popular in the first 3 versions, and always after.Nowadays, almost every character in every action/sci movie and cartoon can be bought in stores and online all over the world.Action figures are generally made through the following processes.The prototype is to make clay models with various tools.The actual figures are then made of this material, using harder plastics such as ABS (acrylic Ding benzene.Then, this picture is usually drawn with some sort of acrylic paint.Other parts, such as clothes and electronic components, can be added to the drawing so that the drawing moves, speaks, or makes sound.What's really incredible about this process is that modeling is the first thing.To make an action character look like a real movie character, it must be a feat that is not easy.On top of that, it has to be well designed so it can stand up.Also impressive is the tool process.Programming the graphics of machines/robots to actually make prototypes must go through certain thinking and planning.Many trial and error is inevitable.China is now the main country producing these figures.Looking at pictures of one of these factories, it's strange to see thousands of the same numbers that are about to begin their journey in life.The way the action numbers are packaged is important.The simplest package can be a transparent plastic bag or blister package, which is cheaper.Companies like Mego are starting to pop this approach.There is a cardboard on the back of the package and the graphic is mounted in a PVC plastic window.This makes it easy for these packages to pile up on store shelves and allows curious buyers to see clearly what the figure looks like.This is still a popular way of packaging in this era.Is another way.It consists of a thin card board box that can be easily stacked.There is usually a thin cut on the front of the box, where the graphics are placed, and the soft plastic covers the area, which makes the graphics visible.Popular in 2000.For ease of observation, the drawing is placed in a cylindrical tube with the carboard end of the tube and around the plastic.What is your favorite childhood action chart?I have a lot of favorites so it's hard to pick one.Apart from the Star Wars and monser in my pocket, the ninja turtles are also fun.There are also many action numbers that are completely universal.These numbers are not based on any kind of movie or cartoon.Instead, they just made it up completely.You may have some kind of monster with 3 eyes or a big tail.Other data are based on the interbreeding of animals, dinosaurs, aliens, or humans/animals.You can have weird skin tones like blue, green or purple.Tell us your favorite characters or childhood stories in the comments below.Thanks for reading.
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