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blister pack packaging Bad Packaging Causes Wrap Rage

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-12

Who has been trying to open a CD or DVD box and has posted some dirty words in the process?The threat has been described as a melting pot for parcel anger.We all like those boxed products with a half-circular dotted line on top of one side;It says open push here.Push everything you like, but it just destroys the box.Are you listening to Kraft for dinner?How about a hard plastic flap package containing a pair of scissors to replace the scissors you broke when you opened the hard plastic flap package?Teeth and nails are not up to the task of opening most packages;A more robust implementation is needed.Sometimes you need something with chin powerof-Free the life of your purchase from the vault.Of course, the person who designed the blister package must have the idea of sa madness.Or is this the result of some kind of malicious contest? Whose winner came up with the most annoying package?After thinking, maybe the blister package is ranked second in the flap, and the side of the flap is fused together under 20 tons of pressure.The hospital emergency room has been busy closing the wounds of those trying to get into these damn plastic bubbles with blades, knives and other dangerous sharp objects.Pittsburgh Post, (March 2006) noting that, based on the data of the census bureau of 2001, compared to skateboarding or swimming pools, people suffer more than twice as much damage related to home packaging and containers as the former (although these numbers include 1 feet of damage dropped by packages ).In the U.K.In just one year, 67,000 people were injured. from the broken fingers to the sprained wrist, they were wrestling with parcels.The glass jar with the spiral top is another challenge for the Packers' setup.The goal of the magazine is excessiveThere are 50 people in America.K.A survey of 2,000 of readers in 2004 found that 99% of readers found that packaging has become more difficult to open in the past decade.A common problem with the old suit is the glass jar;It is almost impossible to open one of them with arthritis hands.Even able-Those who are strong and muscular have problems.It has been sitting in the refrigerator for several weeks.Ketchup gathers around the lid and welds it.Fortunately, arthritis supplies, senior supermarkets and other companies have saved them with products that beat the evil conspiracy of packaging designers.The kind of prize no one wants is the worst example of packaging.Decide it's time to do something about the indestructible packaging and award the oyster award to the worst example of the product packaging.Envelope Please: is the winner (or should it be a loser ?)) Uniden digital cordless telephone.It's an almost indestructible hard plastic clamshell that takes 9 minutes and 22 seconds to open.Releasing the phone from the plastic prison requires a box cutter and a blade.The American Idol Barbie took a longer time and took 15 minutes and 10 seconds to get rid of her imprisonment on the cardboard backing.Her arms, legs and torso were tied to 15 wires.A wag suggested not to untie her rope.Brand the toy Barbie.The second year of SpeakingThe sonic toothbrush suit won the highest honor.In North Carolina, it is reported that the toothbrush is sealed and hard.Plastic flip cover packaging, very fit between the plastic housing and cardboard, it is almost impossible to open with scissors.When the tester finally succeeded in opening the package, sharp plastic pieces were scattered on her workbench.Packaging is one of the main reasons for the bulletProve bulky to set off fiveFinger Discount shopThe editor is Mary Ann PostOrganized retail theft is a huge, manyA billion dollar problem unless someone can invent a thief.The manufacturer will not change the proof packaging.The U.S.Goods stolen from retailers each year are worth more than $13 billion.Over $35 million a day.There are about 27 million shop pickpockets in our country today (1 out of 11 ).Over the past five years, more than 10 million people have been found stealing in stores.Men and women shop in stores about the same number.About 25% of store operators are children and 75% are adults.55% of adults say they started stealing when they were in their teens.As the central character in the Pogo comics observed, we have seen the enemy, he is us.When I was a kid, my mom would take us to the grocery store with a bacon slicer (this is the antique described below!I guess it made me one too ).This is a big red hand.Operating device with cutting wheel.A piece of bacon is fixed on one platform and relaxed to the cutting wheel depending on how thick you want your rash person to be.The cut bacon will fall on a piece of paper cut with a rope.Every grocery store.Read the written notice next to the mother's machine.Don't let your child sit near the bacon slicer as our order is a bit behind.Humor is simpler in those days.91% of Canadians have experienced parcel anger.Today's package can be opened by murder.Post-March 5, 2006.Oyster Award: Consumers report hard-to-Open shame packaging hall.February 24, 2007.Is it wrapped up in a hurry?March 25, 2004.Shop entry theft statistics.National Association for the Prevention of theft in stores, not dated.Bag anger award.January 10, 2014.
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