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blister pack packaging How to Report Pet Food & Treats You Think Made Your Pet Sick

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-12

Read the whole article so you can get ready for the call.Officials who interact with you need a lot of information, and if you are not prepared for it, it will waste everyone's time.One is the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which you can report to them electronically by logging into the FDA's safety reporting portal, or you can call the FDA consumer complaints coordinator in your state.The FDA is investigating diseases allegedly linked to dried pet meat made in China, the cause of which remains a mystery.At the same time, the FDA acknowledged that many of the reported diseases may be caused by reasons other than eating Chinese beef jerky.In addition, the regulatory actions they can take are limited due to the absence of contaminants.The right way to report your complaint and how to do it.Product name and product description described on the product label.Many pet owners pour their dry grain into some sort of container and discard bags or boxes.A better idea is to keep the bag or box as it contains important information about the variety of pet foods, the manufacturing plant and the date of production.The type of container where the product is located.It's a bag, box, can, bag, blister package, shrink-wrapped, etc.Storage instructions on the package.Should it be refrigerated, frozen or stored at room temperature.The Lot Number.This is usually a series of numbers and/or letters stamped or stamped on the package.It is usually hard to read because it is sometimes applied to moving targets and eventually distorted.Embossed is usually hard to read anyway.If the product has a due date or the best due date, the lot number is usually near that date.These important information identifies the manufacturing facility and the date of manufacture.It can even identify shifts or individual workers in some cases.Expiration date on the product.Some manufacturers use expiration dates, others use expiration dates, and use "best" or "best" if sold as due dates ".UPC Code.Also known as barcodes, the universal pricing code is a series of bars with numbers scanned by the cashier when calling your purchase.Net weight of the product.Don't just say canned tuna or medium sized bags.Where you buy it.All the big box stores and many independent retailers have multiple locations and officials need to know which store you get the product from.Results of any laboratory tests performed on the product.If you take the product to your vet, or maybe a university and test it, officials need to know what tests are done and what the results are.Your handling of the product.How it is stored and prepared.Product problems.Does it smell or color? Is the can or bag swollen?From the packaging, how much do you have?You suspect it was caused by pet food.The type, breed, gender and weight of pets;Also, if it has been sterilized or sterilized, or if she is pregnant.If there are any pre-existing conditions.Do you give your pet other food, snacks, supplements or medications?If so, the package can also be saved.And how much was consumed from the "suspicious" package.Clinical symptoms displayed by your pet.Such as vomiting, diarrhea, depression, convulsions, etc.Also, how long does it take to develop symptoms after eating the product?Contact information for your veterinarian.In addition, their diagnosis, the type and results of any laboratory test, and your pet medical record.How many pets consuming the product show clinical symptoms.Also, is there any pet that consumed the product but did not show clinical symptoms.Whether your pet is outdoors, unattended time.Got all that?I think it would be helpful if you print this out and put it where you keep other health information or records.If you contact an officer and can't provide all the information they need, it will damage the quality of the investigation and waste time.If you really provide a full report, this is a huge help to their investigation and they will be very grateful for your efforts.By the way, you can register on the FDA website and get an email alert from the agency about various issues.
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