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blue and white gift box Analogous Colors

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-12
blue and white gift box Analogous Colors
Similar colors greatly help to create fresh, bright colorsLook at the color schemeLet's talk about these colors and the possibility to combine them to create new combinations.Are those colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel.Because they are closely related, they get along well with each other, for example, yellow and orange look pleasant together.
It's Picasso's famous saying.
This is very real.
Didn't you notice that the combination of yellow and orange in the room made the room look more pleasant?Or how the combination of yellow, green and brown is combined.So why is this happening?.Said Hans Hoffman.In the example above, it works because these are similar colors.Before we start discussing these colors, here are some basics of color wheel diagrams.
The primary colors of the pigment are blue, yellow and red.These three primary colors can be combined to form many other colors.We get orange when you mix yellow with red.
We get purple when red and blue are mixed.We get green when blue and yellow are mixed.When the primary and secondary colors are mixed, we get three colors.
For example, we get red when we mix red and orange-orange color.So we got six three-level colors, one and two-level colors mixed.Analogous (uh-nal-uh-Gus) the color is the color next to each color in the color wheel.
Because similar colors on the color wheel are closely related, or are manufactured by mixing the colors next to them (if they are primary and primary colors), they help to produce bright colorsColor combination.In a similar color scheme, always one color will dominate and the other will be supported.Here are some examples of these colors on the color wheel.
A combination of bright blue and bright green.Yellow will be the main color and Green will support it.Another example is red and orange.Imagine you're wearing an orange T-shirt.Shirt and red scarf.The red silencer will be more noticeable.Than the orange t-shirt.Now that you understand this, imagine the possibility of color combinations you can make.
You can create beautiful color schemes to match the simplest things.If you find your table boring to look at, then add some similar shades to it and it will instantly brighten up.You can also make your kitchen simple and brightlooking.
Take the sun in yellow and medium shades of green and add some brown.This will give a plain color combination but will not make the room dull because of the Sunyellow color.Any similar color on the color wheel is a good color combination.
In addition, there is little contrast between them.Artists can use a theme to make the painting look comfortable and peaceful.For example, the color combination of blue and purple is very good, helping to create a beautiful color scheme.
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