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blue and white gift box Are Black and White Considered as Colors?

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-12
blue and white gift box Are Black and White Considered as Colors?
Is Black a color or is it just no color?Is white color or lack of color?Can Black and White be color?If not, what are they?Too many questions and puzzles, don't you?You will get all the answers in this science article.Black phobia is a fear of black.Is the color black and white?Is the absence of all colors black?Or is it white?So, what is the combination of all colors?So many questions, so many inexplicable answers.Yes, this is a very confusing area.Scientists have a perspective. artists have different perspectives.However, it is not difficult to form an answer once you understand the color theory.
Black and White are not considered colors in physics.Since neither black nor white has a specific wavelength, they cannot be considered as colors.White is a combination of visible light of all wavelengths, while black is free of visible light.
In physics, color is nothing more than visible light of a wavelength.Therefore, black and white are not colors.In the additional color theory, color is made by mixing the light of two or more colors.
Adding an additional color of all three primary colors, that is, red, green, and blue, produces white.Therefore, White is a color according to this color theory.Although black just has no light, so it is not considered a color.
Computer monitors and televisions are examples of this system.The color reduction theory includes the mixing of paint, pigment and dye.The concepts in addition and subtraction theory are completely opposite.
The primary colors of this system are red, blue and yellow (in art) or magenta, cyan and yellow (in the printing industry ).When these are mixed, they form black.Therefore, black is a color in this system.White is considered to have no color.We hope you have at least a basic concept of color theory.
It must be a bit complicated.
Whatever these theories suggest, when we talk about clothes, paint, and other items in our daily lives --to-In daily life, we call black and white color
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