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blue and white gift box Color Spectrum Chart

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-12
blue and white gift box Color Spectrum Chart
Color is the most important part of our daily life.If there is no color, our life will be boring.Have you ever thought about the basic facts of color.
OK, let me help you on this colorful journey and explain the color spectrum map to get rid of your doubts.Imagine the world of black and white?What if you saw the movie?Just the mental image of a harsh world without color is enough to reveal the importance of color in our lives.Whether you're feeling blue after a hard day of work, or jealous green after seeing the neighbor's fancy TV, color has become our language of expression.
No wonder rainbows are often considered one of the most beautiful aspects of nature.When the light falls on a different object, reflecting and scattering different wavelengths, the color is formed.The wavelength of dispersion is color.The color of the spectrum is generally produced by the monochrome light I.
Visible light of single wavelength.
The spectrum is continuous.
Therefore, there is no clear line between colors.However, differences can be specified using an approximate range of wavelength and frequency.The most obvious is purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.
In fact, Indigo is added between blue and purple, and there are seven colors in the color spectrum.This is Newton's conclusion after successful experiments to spread a monochrome beam, which is projected at a specific angle onto a glass prism to show the spectral color.However, the frequency of indigo colors cannot be significantly distinguished and recognized by normal human eyes except for some good colorssighted people.
It was therefore suggested that Indigo be removed from the spectrum and should be treated as a shade of blue or purple.Sir Newton observed from his experiments that when a beam of monochrome light falls on a prism, a part of the light is reflected, and a part of it passes through the prism, and the spectral color band appears from the prism.Thus, Newton speculated that light is composed of particles of different colors, which move at different speeds in different media;Their speed depends on the density of the medium.
In glass Media, red light moves faster than purple light.Visible spectrum or chromatography is a subset of the electrical spectrum.The spectrum is the frequency range of different energy waves, such as gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet rays, visible light, infrared rays, microwaves, and radio waves.
The frequency of visible light is between the frequency of ultraviolet and infrared light.The frequency of the wavelength range of indigo is about 425-Frequency of 450 nm and 670-700 THz.In the color spectrum above, Indigo is a subset of purple.
The low range of colors explains why it is difficult to distinguish this color in the spectral band.Since indigo is scientifically not considered a separate color, any wave with a wavelength of less than 450 nm is considered purple.And gray, white and black are considered No.
Spectral color.
In fact, black is not even a color.
Instead, it is lack of color.
Like when there is light (as the source of the color), it produces the color.Lack of light leads to darkness.On the other hand, White is a mixture of all possible colors in the visible spectrum.Although there are infinitely many shades and shades, we all have one of our favorite shades, which are more important to us than others.
Needless to say, these colors play an important role in our lives, profoundly affecting our perception and behavior
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