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by:Mengsheng     2020-03-16

Hi, I'm forty-two years old every day.year-Old people from England, similar to the vast majority of men in the UK, I spend very little money on shaving equipment every year.However, I have recently found that an effective approach to this is not only enjoyable, but can also save you money on shaving.Currently, I have saved more than 100 pounds a in 12 months of shaving and I have saved quite a bit of time as well.It's very simple, you will most likely kick yourself if you know how to do it!So I need to share this technology with you not only to avoid wasting your own money, but also to make daily chores a quick process (no, I won't tell you not to shave!) As you understand, shaving is almost inevitable unless you are a woman or have a beard, so unless you are a daily razor, otherwise you will probably not read the article first.Of course, this article is for men, but there is no reason why women can't use the process either!When I started shaving when I was young, I used the electric shaver my parents bought me for Christmas.Sadly, it doesn't seem to scratch close enough and I remember it also had a rash on my neck.So I decided to start using Gillette razors and shaving foam shaving, which seems quite appropriate, and I think it's all available except for the horse brush and soap.I tried a Disposable Shaver to save some cash and it was a terrible mistake!I seem to have dropped my face in the thorns first, and then when I put paper towels on the wound, I seem to be a character in a horror movie.A few years ago, I remember a colleague who came to work with a little paper towel on the tip of his nose. I don't know how he shaved his nose, but it was funny.I also used the Wilkinson Sword for a couple of years, but I ended up going back to Gillette razors because they have an advantage (OK, bad joke) since then, I was with Gillette all the time.Once I tried a razor and as part of a Christmas or birthday gift you can take it with a travel bag.You know, you get deodorant after that.Shaving and moisturizer smell the same, razor looks cheaper than a one-off.I had a stroke once and decided to stop because I didn't like skin grafting, thank you so much.I feel like they need to attach "dangerous" stickers and health warnings!Don't buy low cost shaving FoamI remember one time I bought some low cost shavingWhat a big mistake is the cost of shaving foam!Totally useless!Better with soap and water!Then I found the shaving gel and I have to say that it is much easier than the foam and I feel it will last longer as well.I 've been shaving gel with Gillette for a long time, but then I found a gel that seems to work better, called Nivea, a male sensitive shaving gel.The foam in the gel is thicker and after that my skin is very smooth, what do you think, after all Nivea is a skin expert.While traveling in Nanning, China, airport security took the shaving gel I bought from me, although it was smaller than the maximum 125 ml allowed on the flight at that time.They found it in my hand luggage, so if you're thinking about going to your destination, it's better to put them in your main luggage.When my spouse advised me to go to a nearby barber shop, I had shaved my beard for about three days;"Why have I never been to a barber in the past?" I thought ?".The barber let me lie down and put a warm towel on my beard for a few minutes.After removing the towel, he asked me to sit up and put some soap on my face with a pony hair brush.He sharpened his throat knife and walked towards me with it.I 've only seen cruel blades in old movies, and I completely forgot that Barbers use cruel blades, and I think they may be using something else now.I have to say that it is very scary to take a throat-cutting blade from a completely unfamiliar person who can't speak English to get your neck.You have a lot of crazy ideas in your head, like what if he slips?Or I coughed?What if he doesn't like foreigners?He took a few shots, then grinded his blade, took a few more shots, then grinded again, and then shaved me.Then I had to lie down again and he put a hot towel on my face again before he let me sit up and repeat the process.I had to say it was a bit painful, but since he can't speak English and I don't know any Chinese, I can't speak a lot, but from the look on my face, I think he knows it's painful.After a while, he seems to have finished, which makes me very pleased!I washed the soap off and dried my face.When we paid the barber, he mentioned something to my wife in Chinese and Mandarin, and then she began to laugh.I asked my wife what was funny and she told me that he had never shaved a foreigner's beard before and apologized for spending so much time. The mt wife also told me that he just scratched half of my face.I thought he finished the other side soon.To be honest, this is one thing I don't want to try again in a hurry.If you are currently using Gillette, you may notice a small blue strip near the blade known as the sliding strip, which reminds you that it is wise to replace the blade, a few months ago, my blue strip has disappeared and the soap under it is almost gone.If a very good blade is still sharp, why do you have to throw it away?To be honest, I don't see any difference when shaving either.Make more money from us.Nevertheless, the trip to the barber shop made me think about it.I buy new Gillette blades every few weeks and they are not the cheapest either.I don't want to change another brand because Gillette blades work really well and I don't even want to use disposable razors anymore and I certainly won't try to cut the throat blades!I thought it was impossible to grind the blade, but I read it on a website called www.hackcollege.Com, you can save them by moving the blades up and down the legs of an old pair of jeans about 20 times each time (like shaving ).Still, I have never tried it myself.I think about mysel \ "if there is a way I can make my blade last longer.\ "There's nothing amazing about the way I shave these days, I just know that I made my blade grow a little longer and it worked great for me.In fact, I might use my Gillette blade for about 5-Easy 6 monthsWhen I finally changed the blade (the blade is still quite sharp by the way), I just shaved my head with the previous one (you see, I'm going to be bald ).This is what I do, I don't moisturize my face first, I just apply some Nivia shaving gel on the part where I want to shave.When I brush my teeth, I will keep it for a few minutes, and then by the time I finish brushing my teeth, my hair will soften and be ready for shaving.I put some hot water in the sink, and then applied a few drops of water on each side of my face, massaging it until it turns into soap again (at this point, most of the foam may disappear, it depends on how much gel is used ).Now I continue to shave, I tend to shave, but just shave, as you usually do.Remember to rinse your blade every few times to keep the blade unblocked and don't hit the blade on the side as I did before, which I believe will make the blade out of line.After shaving, I wash my face with the rest of the shaving soap and rinse my face quickly and you're gone!You can brush your teeth, shave and wash your face in about 5 minutes.For you, there is also a good tip: When you put the water out of the sink, have you ever observed that all the hair is stuck on the side of the sink and it is simply washedAll you have to do is hit the water into a mini whirlpool as the water flows down, which makes a lot of hair go to the side | and then make a Whirlpool outside, this way it will go to the center of the water, and because of this fact it will go down the canopy.You can simply rinse out any debris left.I hope you enjoy my little story and hope you can take away some useful things about saving money on shaving.If you live in the UK and you want to learn how to save money in other ways, please try this website Utility Warehouse www.Public
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