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by:Mengsheng     2020-03-16

I don't know how to distinguish between our waking lives and our dreams.Don't we always live the life we imagine??Shamans of indigenous cultures consciously travel to the Dreamworld, heal individuals, and ensure the survival of their communities.This revival of ancient wisdom shows that our culture is accepting the gift of dreams and listening to the many benefits of the wisdom of dreams.Personally, working with my dreams has taught me a lot about what's inside me and the need to listen to my heart.For many years, I have known that dreams are guiding me to make choices.Dreams of long-Lost friends let me go to them.The terrible dream requires me to make major changes in my life.Dreams of late loved onesI eased my pain in difficult times.My previous dream surprised me.The mysterious dream made me fear.I thought everyone was dreaming like this, with deep feelings, bright colors and strong content.I think everyone has it.Some people don't remember.Some people don't want to remember because they don't like the information contained in these dreams.Others have been told that dreams are nothing more than random neural discharges, so they think dreams are useless.But many people believe there is more!We are a culture of confusion when understanding the purpose and meaning of dreams.Is the dream a communication from our soul?Is it possible to extract guidance and wisdom from our dreams?Can we find creative ways to solve complex problems in our dreams (including those that are technically challenging )?Einstein talked about his dream of relativity.Did we solve our daily problems in a spontaneous dream the next night?If you start to believe that you may not be just your body, I invite you to consider exploring your spirit with your dreams.There are many ways to do this, but it's better to start with a diary.If you don't remember your dream, state an affirmation before going to bed and write something when you wake up, even if it's a feeling or an idea.Start sending a signal to your deeper self that you want to uncover the veil between your consciousness and your subconscious mindconscious.While documenting my own dreams, I find that I have many types and I will share some of them here.In 1999, a deep dream of healing came to me, in which I felt that I was not outside my body: the children in the river, I woke up and found me floating on the bed, face up.There is a card on the ceiling with a light blue angel engraved on it.I realized my body was free and I wanted to stand on the floor.I was shipped to the desired location and felt a little familiar to me.I put my hand into the curtain to confirm my ghost identity.Under my favorite window, a river is formed on the floor of my bedroom.I was surprised and scared when I looked into the river because I saw a little girl struggling in the water.I realized that this little girl was my young self.The birds appeared in the window behind the river.This dream has life.The impact of change on meFirst of all, the feeling of being outside the body in a dream is exciting.For me, they confirmed that we are more important than our bodies.Next, I do what I can to further explore the meaning of my childhood and this image.The process has healed me deeply and guided me to discover the gifts I may bring to my friends and community.In the end, the dream forced me to learn the healing of shamanism, which gave me a lot of rich life experiences, even new jobs.I have had many lucid dreams in recent years and found them exciting.The dream of waking is when we wake up in a dream and realize that we are dreaming.This is an example of such a dream.T-Rex attacked me from T-Rex.All of a sudden, I fully realized that I was dreaming and felt fear coming out of my body and turning to face T-Rex.I hit him on the nose again and again until he became a nonSpots of function.Then, he re-Come out of the spots and follow me again.I attacked him again and he turned into another spot.It's really over this time.I am very satisfied with my strength and I have not given in to fear.When I woke up from my dream, I was keenly aware that the attack was an illusion.I try to reconnect to that deep knowledge when other terrible situations arise.Also, when I think of this dream, I want to know T-Rex may have left me a message.When I came back to my dream with a technique to find more information, I heard T-Rex said, "Slow down!"My idea at the time was that it was a comment on my life --But soon after, I received a speeding ticket.In reviewing my dream diary, this is the second time I have dreamed of T-Rex.The T-Rex may not be just a metaphor for a police officer with a radar detector, but whenever T-Rex shows up.As usual, synchronicity is coming.A few months later, I drove along a road and noticed a large green building vehicle.The brand is TeRex on the side.When I thought I had received a warning, my foot immediately began to break the pedal.Just a mile later, on a very remote road, a policeman pulled an unsuspecting driver.We can dream of lost loveones.In the 1980 s, I had a series of dreams about the wishes of my grandfather who died in 1975.I will discuss these dreams in detail in later chapters.My dream is to focus on my father and his love for baseball.In these dreams, I feel the guidance and support of my grandfather.A few months later, I found myself sitting in the dream of the movie.The close connection between the story in the film, my family history and my grandfather's dreams surprised me.At that time, I couldn't understand how I imagined the theme of the film before it was released.I was still surprised when these things popped up, but I didn't try to understand.On the contrary, I know this is confirmation from another world, the reality of our waking is limited, and we are not limited to it!When I dream of reading poetry or listening to music, I wake up in awe.This dream is one of my favorite Dreams: The African choir, I went for a ride by the sea with my friends.A group of people, all African except an Asian male, dressed in gorgeous and colorful dresses, came to me on the shore and sang a beautiful African song.I hear complex harmonies in a foreign language.They passed me and turned to face me and sang more.An African in his fifties led the group.The vivid scenes and complex sounds in this dream confused me.The chorus of beautiful people made me feel honored.More than a year later, I found myself working with Malidoma Some, author of Healing Wisdom in Africa.Malidoma or I am not surprised at all, he looks like the one who led the chorus in my dream.I sometimes see beautiful empty scenes in my dreams.They have a very refined feeling.A time when my husband was partially impaired in hearing and was undergoing a brain tumor test: I "woke up" in the room and saw a beautiful scene.Next to my husband's high drawer, there's something that looks like a totem pole, except that it's ethereal and seems to be made with light paper towels --It is like cutting off the material of various flower silk patterns.There is a beautiful white bird sitting on it.In front of this totemThe image of the bird is a vortex of energy and light rotating clockwise, just like a spiral rotating toward its own center.This picture seems to be riding at the end of the beam pouring into the window.When I wake up from my dream, my memory of breathingTaking pictures in front of my husband's dresser convinced me that he was not in medical danger.This feeling was quickly confirmed when the MRI returned negative and his hearing recovered.This dream is still the favorite of my life!I learned from Sandra Ingman that from the perspective of shamanism, power animals give power, protect and guide humans.I dream of many species every month and notice that certain animal images are repeated.For example, I often dream of bears.Among the Native Americans, the bear is the greatest American medical animal.The bear is a great mother to others.When the bear appears in my dream, I honor this dream by working extensively with it to find information to protect and heal.The dream of death is often terrible.Some people think they mean that when these dreams may point to a part of them that needs to die to open their hearts to a deeper level of life, they will soon die.This is not to say that the dream of death has never been about physical death, but that I have made two dreams of my own death, in order to revive myself, both instructed me to terminate an unhealthy relationship.Many forms of syncing are natural.DreamWorks products.You will see images, characters, animals, symbols, and so on in your dreams appear in the waking life in the most unusual way.You know when it happens.Those who believe in the magic of the universe will accept your story.If you share your dreams and sync, your relationship will be more exciting.There are many gifts for dreams.Dreams can help you get back the lost self, find your soul friends, discover the work in your life, deepen the healthy connection, find the courage to end the destructive relationship, write with greater creativity, and keep in touch with your inner guidance.Gifts are endless.Set intent while sleeping.Ask questions.Look for answers.Your life will change!May you find your majesty!I wish you a good dream!Enter the world.Garden at night.Retrieve the full version of the book on the shelf.
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