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blue tissue paper tips to advertise smart with google adwords -

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-16

The article is based on input from Hal Varion, Google's chief economist, who talks about how your biggest CPC bid and quality score determine the cost of your clicking on is the largest advertising media on the Internet.If you are doing business online, you will most likely become big without advertising.So you 'd better understand adwords, Google's advertising platform.Adwords appears in the search in the right bar.Also, as a "sponsorship link ".How do you get your ad there, how much will it cost you?To advertise on google, you just need a google account (set up gmail) and follow a few self-explanatory steps on steps will guide you to set up one or more "ads" and "activities" for a set of "keywords" in "adgroup ".If the last two words can impress you, it's because online advertising is keyword-driven, not advertising in magazines.In a magazine you will pay first and then pray (get some response ).In the AdWords, you first pray (let people click on your ad) and then pay according to the number of clicks.Why do people click on your ad?Because it will show them in the context of their search.For example, they are searching for "toilet paper ".Because you make toilet paper, you will use "super absorbent toilet paper" as a keyword for "toilet paper plug-in" in your campaign.In this way, Google will know that the keywords in your toilet paper ad group are "related" to the search, and your ads will be displayed.If you make paper towels as well, you will put it in another adgroup.In the process, the user gets what she wants (super absorbent toilet paper) and Google gets what it wants (related searches, helpful results) advertisers get what he wants (only pay when clicked by a real prospect ).But more.In fact, you can pay less than other advertisers by being more relevant to the user.Why?Because it also makes users and Google happier.So how do you get more relevant information?When you monitor your campaign, all you have to do is focus on three things.Your adwords dashboard provides these statistics online.1.Click-through rate (CTR): in the total display (impression), how much percentage of your ad clicks.The higher the percentage, the better the user will find your ad.So google thinks it's more useful.2.Relevance: you may have a very attractive ad, but does your ad, keywords, and words used in the landing page match?If they don't, you're manipulating the system.On the landing page, Google will check your title (text in the blue bar at the top), Description and keywords/tags, title, picture title, bold words, linked words (anchor text ).3.Landing page: Does the page the user logs in look like a website/blog? Or a standard vulnerability?in-the-Copy the wall of the store.Google determines this by the number of links on the page (including internal pages and other websites.The copied page will only try to attract users to provide their email address without providing more value.So Google will remain vigilant.Also, if many users click back from your page, your score won't be good either.Based on these three factors (in the same priority order), google will give you a quality score (QS) that should be close to 10 at the most before it will be good.Now the price of your bid multiplied by your quality score will be your ad ranking.High ranking means that your ads occupy a high position in AD sequences such as first page/second page.So if the QS of your ad is poor, its ranking may be low (or not at all ).All you have to do is burn money on it.Instead, if you adjust the three parameters of QS, you can get away with it by paying a little less!So, is your bid multiplied by your QS?No.In the Google economy, your salary is even lower.The price you pay (the cost of each click;CPC) is equal to rank below the bid of your ad multiplied by his quality score divided by your quality score.Because he is ranked lower, you will pay less even if you bid higher!Net, it's really worth having a high quality score.So, be good for Google, for your users, and for prosperity!
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