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box of candy and the beat goes on -

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-20
box of candy and the beat goes on -
Do you know anyone will spend Valentine's Day with young strangers, hug everyone, give them $20 a card and a box of See candy?He is a 19-year-old "tough guy" with a huge love.This happens in a facility for children with emotional problems who do not have a family environment to live in and are cared for in Nevada.To understand this unusual event, you need to learn more about the story.
The young man was taken away from his mother, tied to the incubator under bright lights, and started his life because he had rare liver complications.Isolated in the incubator, he could not be held by his mother and could not hear her voice or touch.This caused emotional harm to the rest of his life.
He was treated with medication for his actions, including Zuo Luofu, which almost resulted in kidney failure at the age of 8.The little boy fought back, and while he lived in extreme depression and anxiety, he always reached out to help those who were not as lucky as him.He took guitar lessons after stopping the drug.
Playing the guitar seems to ease his depression and anxiety.He can't leave his house without playing the guitar first.This is the way he treats himself;The shock from the guitar Thorn calmed him down.
He always carries cell memories tied to the NICU that are blindfolded.This happened when he was hit by a car and needed a complicated knee surgery.When he was tied down, he was taken from pre-In the operating area of the operating room, the movement of the bed triggered such a reaction, he panicked, tore open the vein and began to scream.
He's out of control.
Therapist at pre-Op quickly patted under his eyes with the so-called energy psychology, and he calmed down;However, it is clear that the birth trauma of the NICU did not end when we brought the baby home.His name is John. he's my son.I'm a pre-therapist.op room.John's life is music, and as a voice therapist, I started working on alternative therapies when John took so many behavioral drugs.Although his life has been shortened, his life is the inspiration for my life.
It took me tireless time to do something that I had never done other than hospital research, not sure if it would reach the mother and baby who needed it, but I can feel him pushing me forward in my heart.Back in the story now!A few years ago, John and I were invited to the Christmas party at Oasis center, and John wanted to pick his own gifts for the children.He brought a Christmas card for $20 each.He repeated his $20 gift when we were invited to their Valentine's party, but as a special reward, he wanted to give each child a box of his own candy.
On the way home from the party, John cried because one of the boys was punished and was not allowed to attend the party.He felt that there was no home and had to live there. such punishment was enough.I passed this to the director, and the director was very moved.
She later told me that the policy changed after it was brought to the attention of upper management, who agreed with John.The generosity of my son, a tough man, touched my heart.What a wonderful thing he did.This is how he spent his last Valentine's Day.
After his death, I did what every mother did: suffering from such a serious problem.I was drawn to two things: his early birth trauma and how the sound and vibration worked.I realized that the most familiar sound of the baby is the heartbeat, the inner voice, and the mother's voice.
I remember music was the only thing that could stop John screaming when he was a kid in the middle of the night.A few years ago, I started working on sound with specific vibrations and a technique called vibration acoustics.I met Suzanne Jonas in my search.D.Together we developed the baby's heart song.
Coincidence is really great.
The year John was born, Suzanne worked as a PhD intern in psychological counseling and creative therapy at several units at Springfield General Hospital.One of the units is the NICU, where she puts the little tape player in her crib with an in-house sound, heartbeat and a soft ecstasy.When the baby is quiet and falls asleep, the staff and parents will look at it in surprise;They progress faster than other babies and get sent home faster.
It was the beginning of her way into music medicine, before it became a recognized field.It is not accidental that we meet in this joint project.Baby heart songs are the result of decades of sound therapy research and experience.
Carefully selected sounds and music nourish newborn babies with many benefits: higher oxygen saturation in the blood, better nutrient absorption, faster weight gain, less signs of pain [crying, and the sound of the neonatal intensive care unit.Three independent highly specialized projects for infants: natural infants, projects for infants who have experienced natural childbirth;A premature infant, for a premature infant;And infants with addiction, for infants with addiction problems.They are available in the form of a cd, uncompressed download or a heartwarming Pod, [Speaker] and a loaded MP3 player.
They can be at www.
The hospital is also provided with a free download of com baby heartwarming as a trial program.If you are in contact with the hospital, please send me an email explaining your interest.I will send you the free download information.
Our goal is to train every baby through these programs;They are our future.They deserve the best welcome we can offer
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