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box of candy beyond customer service -

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-20
box of candy beyond customer service -
One of my sales trainer colleagues in South Carolina asked the audience the question: what have you done recently to surprise your customers?ASTOUND.To surprise our customers is not just a lofty goal, it is a necessary goal for retailers planning to thrive in the next century.(1) There are many books and suggestions on how to make them work.
(2) Every person who successfully implements a project thinks his or her way is the best.(3) the wrong assumption is that the program has a start and end time.I like the old saying "how much diet does it take to lose weight?\ "Answer: \" there is only one if you stick to it.
"Again, you only need a customer service plan if you believe and stick to it.Diet and customer service programs should result in a permanent change in behavior rather than a temporary response to the problem.I can't tell you what customer service plans are useful to you, but I can tell you that the life you promised is the most critical factor.
When my colleague talks about amazing customers, what he says is how you see the permanent change in customer service.My term is "customer specificity "."What are you going to do to make your customers feel special?We can no longer simply serve our customers and "get along" with them ".We can't send them a box of candy during the holidays and hopefully they can forgive all the delivery issues over the last 11 months.
The customer's day is over.
There is too much domestic and international competition.Customer satisfaction is not good enough.Customers expect satisfaction.They can allow hundreds of competitors to fully meet their needs.You need to go further towards providing the customer's particularity to the amazing people who buy from you.
Specialization does not mean price reduction.Prices are often secondary to service, quality, and time.When I was in the mattressIn terms of manufacturing business, we have a big order to send out and one of our suppliers sent us the wrong parts.
I called him at home and he went to the warehouse in person and saw the trucks loading correctly and a driver took a night to get them to us the next morning.Do we remember?Of course.Would we mind paying a higher price than our competitors for this part?Never.My rules have been pretty simple over the years: promise your customers what they want and then offer more.
Can this keep customers?Every time.
Buck Rogers's statement is still correct today: "It's exciting to hand over inventory.It is terrible to turn over customers."I challenge you to think about what your company is doing now and make your customers feel special.Don't stop thinking until you come across ideas you 've already used or are about to implement.
Maybe that's what your competitors are already doing, and your customers will soon be expecting everyone to do so.Keep thinking now until you come up with another idea.Make it a new idea this time, and that's something that no one else has done.
Then let your customers know!You will gain a competitive advantage in your retail industry, resulting in high attention and higher profits
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