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box of candy LeFlore County, Oklahoma: Letter from a Soldier during World War 1

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-18
box of candy LeFlore County, Oklahoma: Letter from a Soldier during World War 1
February 20, 1919: Commander WillieThe American Expeditionary Force, France, to his parents, Sir.and Mrs.A.J.Ballard of CameronKOBLENZ, known as Koblenz before the end of World War I, is about 50 miles northwest of Frankfurt, Germany.The American Expeditionary Force, AEF for short, was the American army sent to Europe in World War I.
During the American campaign of World War I, AEF fought with the British and French allies in France in the last year of the war against the Imperial German Army.AEF helped the French army on the Western Front during the Aisne Offensive (in chteau teau-Thierry and Belleau Wood) on June 1918, in St-Mihill and MizAt the end of 1918, Agon attacked.I am happy to reply to the letter you received tonight while waiting in line for dinner.
It was nice to hear from home and hear from you all, of course I am very happy.These words have made me live well and get along well.I received a letter from Oscar yesterday.Dad, I don't want you to send me the money because I don't need the money;The captain said tonight, we will get the salary tomorrow at 9: 30, dad, the money I brought is nearly 5 dollars, and I will send some of it home.
It is useless to spend so much money here;I will keep $25 and I think that's enough before I go back to the previous U.S.A.All the boys who came with me went bankrupt, but I saved a little money for the hard times.I know you heard about Roosevelt's death before we did.
We did not rest that night;We took a five-minute break at 3 of his burial.Well, Dad, I can go to Cobb Renz today if I want.Some boys went to 40 Co.M;About 20 miles over there;The truck took over them;This is a large area with a population of about 70,000.
I went through there while hiking.
Dad, I understand why the emperor wanted more territory because he had nothing but Hills and bluffs;It must be very tired to climb those mountains.But the soil here is very good.Mom, the people here are nice to us and I have a great place to stay.I think we will stay here for a month and then be sent to a certain Harbor and beat it in AmericaS.
I will definitely go today.
Mom, I'll let you know as soon as I get home. I want you to give me a fried chicken, hot biscuits and a big cake;Let me show you how I eat.The Dutch woman made us an apple pie.It's good for a soldier, but not like home;There is no pie at home.
Dad, I think I will come back in time to help you grow your crops.I never received the box of Christmas candy and cake you sent me.Dad, did Walter Taylor pass?If so, send me his address and I will write to him.
What are Andrew and Dorothy doing?I think they forgot me this time.Of course I want to see it.How's your pig, Dad?Okay, I know, because they were when I left home.Is your mule still there?Mom, how's my cow and calf?Say hello to my relatives and I hope to go home on my birthday on March 1.
I still have a long way to go before I get there;I'm in the center of Germany.I close now and hope to hear from home soon.Willie L.Davis.These old letters provide an interesting instant glimpse.
Through them, we can see the hardships and fun of life.In many ways, reflection on the past is still echoing.And modern technology has created a rapidIn this fast-paced world, we still value our past love for our country, our families and our communities.
Lewis died in May 4, 1966 and rested at slytherville cemetery on the Arkansas side.Thanks to Barbara Lewis for providing more information and finding the photos
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