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boxes for clothes DIY Cardboard Boxes for Insulation

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-05
boxes for clothes DIY Cardboard Boxes for Insulation
You can save money by adding insulation to the attic and walls of your house.You can save more money by making your own cellulose insulation with chopped cartons.When you consider the cost savings of purchasing a commercial insulating material, it is very worthwhile to find and rent an industrial hammer mill to grind the cardboard.
In addition, energy savings will exceed any initial investment in the long run.Most importantly, you will help protect the Earth by recycling cartons that may enter the landfill.Wear masks and safety goggles.Grinding cartons creates a lot of dust and you have to keep it away from your eyes and lungs.
It's also a good idea to wear gloves and long gloves.Long sleeve clothes.Remove the tape, Staples and any other foreign material from the carton.Make sure the carton is completely dry.Cut the carton into small enough strips and blocks to feed into the feed hopper of the hammer mill.
Send the cardboard box to the hammer crusher.Collect the resulting cellulose filaments in large containers to keep them clean and dry.Mix aluminum sulfate with chopped cardboard in a ratio of one piece by weight to four pieces of chopped cardboard by weight.
Aluminum sulfate can play the role of insect repellent.Because it will rust the metal, if you use insulation in a metal house or mobile house, use half of the aluminum sulfate and mix with the same amount of lime to neutralize the effect.Mix the borax powder into one portion by weight, and chop the cardboard box 12 portions by weight.
Borax will keep cellulose insulated from fire.Install insulation in the attic or wall of your house.Lay it manually in the attic or install it inside the wall using a commercial insulated blower.
Ensure good insulation stirring is maintained to keep aluminum sulfate, lime and borax evenly distributed
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