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boxes of candy Manila life and Province Life. The dilemma of Filipinos

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-18
boxes of candy Manila life and Province Life. The dilemma of Filipinos
At the very edge of the hot, densely populated and humid city of Manila, there is a man named Pablo.Like many others in the corners and gaps of the city, Pablo is not alone.In his 39 years on Earth, he has spent 75% of his time cleaning up the remnants of urban garbage.
Thin, fast, sunshine-Hard-baked skinHe was once considered one of the poor in the country, living on less than $2 a day.He has just finished his day-to-day work roaming the busy streets, removing waste from bins, shops and restaurants on the side of the road, and those behind will serve as his family meals for the next few hours.Sitting hot and smelly with sweatOn the bridge, he thought for a moment and realized that he needed to separate the waste before selling it to a thrift store in the nearest suburb.
Without wasting too much time, three of his five children range from ten to three, and a lot needs to be done before begging back from the streets.When the pregnant wife spends most of the day outside, her job is to sell a few boxes of candy and cigarettes from a distant Street until late at night, leading to a large one with a fourth childThe only girl among themScattered in her position are members of similar families and the poorest groups in the city, whose lives and daily lives are guided by factors beyond their control, but their fate remains the reason why they make their choices, and how they choose to deal with the challenges of poverty in their lives.The visit to some provinces on the beautiful Philippine Island gives me no doubt that a better life depends on the choices we make, not the factors contributed by the government or other civilizations.
The provinces are rich in fresh crops, clean air, clean water and comfortable home, which can keep the family warm and free from any danger.In Banaue, for example;My fiance.©E. The birthplace of the city, a city with terraces of ancient buildings, built and culturally designed thousands of years ago to provide soil and food to its inhabitants until today, for any community that adopts sustainability in her dictionary, this is an undisputed asset and a rough engineering structure.To my surprise, like other provinces I have been;Only a few young people live with their relatives and friends, and their way of life is agriculture.
The rest are looking for greener pasture jobs in the city and abroad.The flood plains and fragile lands are often used as informal settlements, and from reports of the spread of Manila, the settlement patterns of the poor in the City of Greater Manila are generally scattered, located in any place where there are available spaces and opportunities for work or begging.While most of them feel comfortable in their ordeal, they seem to be a parallel reason why they choose to stay in dirty places and undermine their vulnerability to natural disasters.
The reason, according to them, is usually that I quote "This is our land and it is our right "...We should not be deprived of our right to exist.Regardless of the fact, the reality is that most of them have chosen to cooperate.
There are dangers and regrets.
Trade-Let a person choose to persist on the scale of life.However, in order to reduce the chances of life, it is necessary to make a wise choice.I hope that tomorrow will be better, not only obey our efforts.
Work, but also make wise choices and sacrifices.This truth is eternal, any attempt to deviate from it, by setting long-term goals and plans while not delaying gratification, or paying some price in your journey, will plunge anyone into the economyEspecially at this time, how stable our financial situation is determines other factors in life.Life, as it defines;is ones choice.In our journey, the hard things and incredible circumstances that happen to us are not fate, but more or less part of life itself, part of what we carve out by choice.
They are lessons and tools designed by nature and serve us more wisely and intelligently the next time we make decisions.I believe that when everyone warns us that our path is not the path to life, they are sensitive to these signals.Reality is in front of humanity every day, and if there is the power of the future, no one will choose poverty, however, in order to achieve our destiny, we open any door we choose to pass with the key.
The problem that makes me worry and stir up my writing about the situation of the people I see on the islands is that if no one makes any provision, people stay in their comfort zone, their government, or they get sick.Equip yourself to live on the edge of life than endanger yourself?Why are people still giving birth to too many children in this situation
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