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bracelet jewelry gift box How to Make Earrings from Recycled Aluminum Soda Can Jewelry Tutorial

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-17

Are you ready to stop selling cans and start upgrading them to creative, eco-friendly canschic jewelry?There are many different aluminum can crafts, but earrings are one of the easiest to make and perfect for beginners.Using aluminum cans can be tricky and even a bit dangerous, so it's a good idea to start with a relatively simple, easy project and "work hard up.A single aluminum can make several pairs of earrings that are similar but not exactly the same.The earrings are fun, fresh and lightweight, which makes them perfect for people like me who can't wear heavy earrings.Up cycled can earrings are a great beginner project as they don't require a lot of specialized toolsIt is likely that you already have most or all of the supplies you need at home.If you don't, the extra items will only cost you a few bucks.Needle and nose pliers..I cut the aluminum cans with them and broke the cheap hole punch.I have made a couple of cute earrings before breaking the punch, but it does stop working.On the other hand, my superiorAfter dozens of times of use, the quality punch is still strong.Scissors may become dull after cutting the metal, but should not actually break.If you do not want to buy a complete set of earrings back or jump rings for a simple item, consider removing another pair of earrings for the parts.If you have a pair that you never wear, why not recycle?After the partner is broken or lost, continuing to wear earrings is another good way to accumulate free jewelry items.If you are allergic to cheap metals with high nickel content, consider buying sterling silver, nb, or surgical steel earrings thread.You don't want a rash for wearing new earrings!Cut aluminum can turn it into a piece of metal.I usually find it easiest to poke the scissors tip into the jar to start a hole, cut at the top of the jar, cut a crack on the side, and then cut off the bottom of the can (as shown on the right ).Cut the shape from the jar with your punch.It can take a lot of pressure to cut the cans.Make sure you cut on a table or other hard surface, not just by hand.Be careful -The cut aluminum edge may be sharp.Usually, the punch will make the edge fade.If you find the edges sharp, polish the edges down with fine sand sandpaper and even the diamond board.Play your pieces to decide how you want them to hang.Do you want a big one?How many earrings do you want to hang?The pink and yellow earrings shown above the page each have three small butterflies, but the earrings in the tutorial have a large butterfly.The choice is yours!After deciding how to hang the part, make a small hole using a pushpin, in which you need a jump ring to connect the part.Bend a jump ring wide enough with your needle nose pliers or tweezers (or the end of a short chain, as shown) to slip into the thumb nail hole.Close the ring to prevent the metal shape from slipping out.Open the ring on the back of the earrings.Slide the open ring by jumping the loop or the other end of the chain length.Close the ring of the earrings.This is all about it!Aluminum tin earrings are very easy to make.It is difficult to separate the ring with only one pair of pliers.Grabbing the opposite side of the ring with two pairs of different pliers or a pair of pliers and a narrow pair of tweezers can make it easier to open and close the ring.The round pliers are unlikely to damage the metal ring, leaving ugly marks.Although it is harder to clamp items with round pliers than with flat needle and nose pliers, I prefer them as they do not damage the jewelry as usual.Make sure all rings are closed as much as possible.Aluminum that can punch in-Out is very thin and easy to slide Out from partopen rings.It is very easy to make aluminum tin earrings that cycle up, and the possibilities are almost endless --Think of all the lightColor jars and cool designs you see at the grocery store.A wide variety of hole punches means that you can make earrings of almost any shape or size.Handmade earrings are also great gifts, you can usually buy earrings gift boxes at jewelry or crafts stores for less than a dollar, so, wear a pair of earrings, it's easy to make it look like a "real" gift.I have to admitMy empty can Collection is a bit overdone and I'm unlikely to even turn them all into earrings.Harber Jamie Brok has a great game.Aluminum can make my idea of linking to the right.Some are a bit too strong for me like an aluminum can wallet, but I 've been thinking about making lanterns because they look so cute!Do you have any other suggestions for aluminum cans?I would love to hear them!
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