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by:Mengsheng     2020-03-12

Teenagers are very creative.I have always enjoyed seeing the work of my children.1.Make your own lip gloss.By adding kool-You can add several "flavors" of lip gloss to Vaseline.Melt Vaseline in microwave.Try 30 seconds each time.Add the kool-Aid and microwave again, 30 seconds again.Cool after mixing.Once it's cool enough to touch, move Vaseline into its final storage container and allow full cooling.2.Wrapping paper and gift labels.Rubber stamps make the most gorgeous wrapping paper and gift labels.We use both ink pads and pens on stamps.White shiny wrapping paper and gift labels can be purchased through paper suppliers.We actually buy small cards and punch holes in them as gift tags.With corner players, you can make wonderful borders on gift cards.We also like to make greeting cards with rubber stamps.3.Candy plants.Start with the pot.Paint or decorate according to your preference.Put the foam plastic into the bottom of the pot.Now build the factory with all kinds of candy, wires and sticks.You can also add paper and flowers.Cover the foam plastic with a hard sugar or chocolate kiss.4.Teenagers like to make clothes.Sewing fabric on the bottom of the jeans or on the pocket of the jeans can create hours of fun.5.Teenagers like scrapbooks.My own daughter can sometimes take enough photos for the entire album in a day.They can cut out any activity or club information they belong.They can also take pictures on sports matches and scrapbooks.The idea of teenagers and scrapbooks is endless.6.Woven and crochet.You can find thousands of free modes on the Internet.Teenagers can do anything from wallets, boxes to clothes.You can make bed covers and desk decorations with ropes instead of yarn.With carpet yarn, you can make carpet for bathroom or bedroom.7.The bulletin board hanging on the wall.My daughter likes her bulletin board.Buy a simple wooden frame board.Wood can be painted or decorated according to the preference of teenagers.Once done, photos or poems and even homework can be placed on the bulletin board.This is just a small sample of the various crafts you can suggest to your teens.Audrey Okaneko is the mother of two girls.You can contact her at audrioka @ Cox.
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