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brown tissue paper How To Make A Star Pinata For All Special Occasions

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-17
brown tissue paper How To Make A Star Pinata For All Special Occasions
Star pinatas is not prepared for Cinco de Mayo but for all special occasions.How about making stars Pinata and getting young people involved in making pinata for Cinco de Mayo?Do you remember the pinata you used to do in primary school and at home?I remember when they were made, they were an interesting craft project;Especially when it is blindfolded and tries to break the opening of the pinata, all the candy comes out of the ground.When you take off the blindfold, you are the last young man to fall into a crazy madness and they catch all the sweets that fall on the ground.
What an interesting memory of their past and present!Making homemade pinata is a simple project that needs to find some basic materials around the house.Pinata is usually made up of a balloon, you circle pinata, some Elmer's glue is diluted, some building paper, old paper and some paper towels of different colors, you can buy it from local crafts or hobby shops.Another way for Pinatas to make at home or at school is to use brown paper bags from local grocery stores.
To make a paper bag pinata, cut the stripes from a paper towel of different colors, apply glue, and then run in alternate colors around the paper bag until you reach the top of the paper bag.In order to connect the hemp rope to the top of the bag, in order to increase the strength, several layers of masking tape were pasted on the top of the bag.Punched a hole in paper, then the hemp rope went through the hole and tied it up to finish the pinata so it was ready for the pinata party game.
Let's not forget the other items we need to make pinata.These are some basic school items that are also found around the house or school by 12-Inch feet, scissors, pencils, tape, Elmer glue, paper, building paper, etc.OK!Once you 've put all these items together, it's time to start making star Pinata for the upcoming Cinco de Mayo or any other special occasion.
IE;Birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, etc.Are you ready?Let\'s Gooo!The Mexican star Pinata kit found by the teacher-You can make the classroom active all year round and make star Pintas with a simple kit.This is a simple project with steps attachedby-Detailed instructions on the steps to make pinata.
When the star pinata is finished, it can be filled with candy, hung on the ceiling, or where you want to go and see if anyone is blindfolded can hit pinata and break all the candy.YouTube -How to make pinata-Watch these YouTube videos to learn the easy way to "how to make homemade Pinata.------YouTube video----- is a list of the craft supplies needed to make the pinata project in this shot.
Before you start this pinata craft project, you should count what supplies you have on hand and what supplies you need to buy from a local craft or hobby store.Most of the supplies should be found around the house.Any items lost should be listed and then go to the local craft or hobby store to pick the missing items to complete the project.
12-Filler -Flour -Mylar balloon -Making your own pinata is a very interesting project for any party.You need to plan at least 3-5 days in advance as it may take so long from start to finish, it is always good to have a little extra time to avoid rushing to make pinata.Once you're done, you'll find it very worthwhile to work hard and prepare a unique holiday pinata for your party.
What do you need to start;Prepare 2 22 "x28" regular white poster boards for each star point.Each piece requires 11 \ "x14 \", which is 1/4 of the board.Cut 5 pieces for the star point.Roll each of the 5 pieces into a cone.You need to make how tight each cone is based on your judgment.
These cones will be the points of the stars so you can lift them to the balloon and measure if it is appropriate.Close each cone with masking tape.* Note: Blow your balloon first and seal it so it won't leak.Break the cone with one hand and cut along the bottom of the cone.
Open the cone and you will see that the two at the bottom will reach a small point.By doing so, it will help you to form a balloon for each cone.Note: take a ruler and draw a line from the upper part of the cone to the place where the scissors are square at right angles.
Small or large bowl: mix the glue.
Start with 1 cup of flour to 1 1/2 glass of water.The paste should be a slightly runny nose but not the consistency of thick glue as thick as the paste.If the consistency is not correct, you can add more or less glue and adjust the glue when making pi x83-ata.
The interesting part is here now.
Cut the newspaper into 1 1/2 stripe as shown in the photo.Start dipping the newspaper strip into the glue mixture as you are ready to start applying the paper.Take the paper and cover it completely with glue.
Once covered, lift the newspaper strip up and slide through your fingers to remove the excess glue.Take a piece of paper and put it on the balloon and repeat the process for the next piece of paper.Apply only one layer at a time, and the average drying time is about 8 hours.
To make it easier to do both sides of the balloon at the same time;Tie the stem to the edge of the table with a rope.In order to make a very solid shell for pinata, the balloon needs to be covered with three layers of newspaper, and one layer of newspaper is required for each cone star point.When all the newspaper layers are completely dry, it is time to attach the star point cone to the balloon.
To connect the cone to the balloon, you will use masking tape.Don't worry if there is any gap to stick the cone to it, as more paper will be applied to cover the cone.How do you want to hang pinata?There are several options for you to choose from.
Add a rope loop on the back of the balloon and add paper clips on a part of the balloon to secure the rope loop.2.Upon completion, wrap a rope loop around the star point and add another two layers of paper to the entire star pinata.Note: the gold foil is the stem of the balloon extending from pinata.
Before you throw the balloon in, be sure to dry the balloon and harden it completely.The balloon may have lost some air, so you can cut a hole in the newspaper layer and the balloon and pull it out of pinata.You can now happily decorate the star pinata because the hard part is pulling the balloon out of pinata.
For decoration, you can cut 2 \ "wide tissue strips in various colors.After cutting all the tissue strips, you can stack all the tissue strips together and cut them into 3 parts.Make the edge cut part extend up to each part.
It's best to use a variety of paper towel colors to make your pinata bright and colorful.All stripes are cut on All Star point paper towels.Start using Elmer's glue or the remaining glue mixture in the large bowl to connect the edges to the star point, start at the tip of each cone, draw a line with glue, and wrap around this 1.
1 straight with paper towels.
To get more coverage of this, you can use two pieces of paper towels together.Just place more paper towels on the previous layer until it is covered.You can arrange the colors as you like.If you choose green, white and red for paper towels, you can arrange the colors according to the Mexican flag.
After completing each cone, you can move to the center of the cone.When the center is covered, flip the pi fabric-ata and cover the back.When the star skin is completely finished, the paper towel should cover all the paper.
Finished PINATA!Take your back!Now that star pinata is done, it's time to start removing balloons with cut holes and filling pinata with candy and toys.When pinata is filled, cover the hole with a few layers with some masking tape to get the celebration and fun to start!All the pinata people are not in line with their ultimate fate.They can also be used to decorate houses on special occasions or holidays.
During Christmas;Gold foil or green and red can be used.However, silver foil can be used for the new year.On July 4;Red, white and blue.Birthday: birthday stone or their favorite color etc, you will have a bit of an idea.
Pinata is versatile, so you and your assistant can use your imagination to make a special pinata for this occasion.For this special occasion, everyone can make their own pinata.If everyone decides to make a pinata, just make sure you have a lot of balloons on hand.
Homemade brown paper bag Pinata in Pinata party game.Please;\ "Pay forward "!Come Back Soon!Thanks!
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