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brown tissue paper indian chaats: the healthful and delightful aloo paneer chaat

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-17
brown tissue paper indian chaats: the healthful and delightful aloo paneer chaat
Chaat is a lovely dish, the best of street food. it is always delicious and the snacks after meals are perfect.Chaat can become more nutritious, and if ready at home, there is nothing to match the beautifully crafted chaat on summer nights.
Surprise your guests this time with a delicious panpanpaneer chaat added to the dinner menu!Let's take a look at the way to chat.Cooking time 10 minutes Cooking time 15 minutes 4 Ingredients 3 cups Paneer (soft cheese, cut into cubes) 2 cups baby potatoes cooked 25mm.(1 \ ") 1 slice of ginger 5 to 6 slices of green pepper, 1 slice of lemon 5 to 6 tablespoons of oil salt 2 tablespoons of tea juice, chopped for GARNISH1/4 cupsThe ingredients for Aloo paneer Chaat are green beans, paneer, aloo, lemon juice, ginger, chaat masala, green pepper and salt.
Let's take a pot and pour two teaspoons of oil into it.Apply the oil by lifting the pan and gently moving the oil.Put the cheese in the pan.Stir gently while frying until it turns golden brown.
When it turns golden, put it on the plate.Before adding farm cheese, put a paper towel on the plate so that the paper towel will absorb oil.We can put potatoes in the same pot.You can also choose to put some oil if needed.
Stir these until the little potatoes turn red and brown.Now we put them on the plate.There will be a paper towel on the plate so that you can soak the oil.Let the small potatoes cook before you start, so that the potatoes fry quickly.
We now add ginger to the pot, apply well, and then add green beans.Then we can fry it a little.Next, we add chaat masala to the mixture and then green pepper and lime juice.Let's fry the mixture again.We will then add in the mixture the fried baby potatoes we have put on one side.
This will be ready in a very short time.
We can turn off the gas.
Then we will add farm cheese blocks to the mixture.Mix well.Now, we need to season it with salt.We can put this in a bowl now.The Aloo Paneer chat is now ready.Check out the kitchen Library YouTube channel for the best selection of Indian cuisine and more of these recipes.To update new exciting recipes every Wednesday and Saturday, subscribe to the kitchen Library YouTube channel!Get a copy of the Tarla Dalal Kitchen Library at TeleSky shopping kitchen library only, including the following :-DVDs -3 [video demo step by step with 180 recipes.
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