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buy cardboard boxes for moving How to Declutter and Organize Your Home

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-23
In the era of our life, we have accumulated a lot of things together.Most of the time, we buy things not because we really need them, but for them.Or because it's on sale.While this seemed like a good idea at the time, we later ran into problems storing it.
Storage is usually very scarce unless the house you live in has a large garage and/or basement.If you have a lot of things, you will give up a lot of space to store, otherwise these things may be used to do other things.So what to do when a person has a lot of things and has no real space for them?Organize accordingly.
You don't need to be a real integrator to have a lot of things.Sometimes, over the years, when you move, you realize how much you actually have.When I moved a few months ago, I experienced this recently.
I found something in my garage that I had long forgotten and even existed.It was something a few years ago that I no longer needed and it would be better to donate or give away.The other half is just an empty box of all kinds of appliances and items I have purchased over the years.
I decided to take the time to really go through everything because what better time to do it when you move and need as little packaging as possible?Think about how easy it is for minimalists!Moving time is a good time to really organize everything you have and get rid of it as much as possible.But you don't have to wait to move to sort out your stuff and make some much needed space at home.The easiest place to organize your home is your closet, such as your bedroom closet.
For what you are going to throw away, be sure to have some garbage bags on hand.Really went through everything and if you haven't worn clothes or shoes for a few years, donate or sell them on Ebay based on their condition.Everyone can use some extra rooms in the wardrobe, so think, now if you have space to store new clothes, you have a reason to buy new clothes!Next, check all the other closets in your home and do the same.
Obviously if you don't wear these clothes or shoes and don't use them, you really don't need them, so give them away or sell them.Either way, you can make room to store something else or enjoy having more breathing space.The kitchen is also a great place to organize and organize.
You really don't think about it, but do you really know what's in your cupboard?If you do check everything, including the cabinets above the refrigerator, you will most likely find kitchen utensils and old plates that you can throw away.Most people also have a junk drawer in the kitchen where they store everything.You must go through that and you will not regret it.
Once you have finished the kitchen cabinets, go to the storage room.You can definitely throw away a lot of expired food and old pasta that you can't eat anymore.You may also have old bags of rice, beans, sugar, or other stuff that you can throw away and stop eating.
If you have extra food or other dry goods that are still fresh, you can definitely donate it to the local food bank to help people in need.I also like to have a system to organize food in the pantry so I know where everything is.For example, I put all the cans together, the boxes in Italy side by side, and all types of the same food together.
You will be surprised at the number of rooms you will vacate after removing all the unnecessary things in the kitchen area.Once you have completed the closet and kitchen area, start checking your furniture such as your dresser, entertainment center and any other type of storage room you may have.If you have vanity drawers and vanity I will start with your bedroom.
When I moved, I got two garage bags full of clothes from my dresser.Browse through your desk drawer and the storage room in the bathroom to see what else you can get rid.Our women are especially used to putting on makeup and hair care in the bathroom.
Most of them are half empty and some are completely empty, so they only occupy the room.It's important to go through everything and get rid of anything you don't need.I will also go to the place where you store dvd and movies to see if you can get rid of some of them.
The Home Office is also a lot of clutter.
Go through all the drawers and filing cabinets and see what you can throw.Something you don't need every day can be stored in a basement or garage in order to make some room in your main living area for you to use better.When you're done in your main living area, move to the basement or garage, whatever you have.
These are the hardest areas to organize, because they are the areas you are most likely to overlook for a long time.If the washer/dryer is there, I usually go to the basement to wash my clothes or store empty boxes or other garbage.Needless to say, I didn't spend much time there because it was a bit creepy and cold.
So when I went there to organize, I knew it was not a day's work but a week or two of hard work.Most likely, the stuff you put in the basement is not very valuable.We tend to put a lot of old garbage under it, most likely to belong to it if the garbage is in good condition, or it's better to donate.
It's better to solve this usually large space by dividing it into small pieces so it doesn't look so daunting.Some of the things I throw away are old magazines, books, empty boxes, old clothes and other old things that I no longer need.What can you put up with to get rid of it, but just keep in mind that empty space can be used to do cool things like a pool or a table tennis table.
So is your garage.
You may not have left your valuables outside.So through this process and expect to take a few days to organize and handle things.If I ended up keeping anything in the basement or in the garage, I would buy those big plastic storage containers because the two places are easily wet and the cartons don't do it at all.
You may feel free and calm when you have finished sorting and organizing.Because social and modern marketing means tell us that having more will not actually make you happy, but it will actually upset you.If you buy a lot of things to make up for the bad things in your life, then you just end up with a bunch of things, but you're still sad inside.
Mentally speaking, throwing away old things will make you think more clearly, feel more stable and grounded.It's a very free and healthy experience, just like you're clearing old stuff and making room for new and better stuff.Throwing away your old stuff will also eliminate the bad energy held by each object itself.
Every object in your home is made up of all the energy that surrounds it.If your home is full of love and laughter, that's what it will look like, but if it is the opposite, then negativity is what that object holds.If you are moving and you find that you used to have old items at home with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, which is a painful time of your life, then it's better to throw that object away, because it will not only remind you of them, but it is full of bad energy negative environments that it absorbs while inside.
I personally feel better and more grounded when I don't have much extra.It doesn't scare me when I think about the next move because I know I don't have that much to pack and I only have what I really like and need.Spring is in front of you, there is no better time to sort it out and make room for what you really want in your life!.
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