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buy cardboard boxes for moving how to make a car from a cardboard box | ehow

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-02
buy cardboard boxes for moving how to make a car from a cardboard box | ehow
Many parents talk about how to get their children a "special" toy after careful efforts, and the children spend more time playing with the box instead of playing with the toy.With a little effort, you can enhance this appeal by turning a few cartons into a racing car with storage boxes for other toys.For older kids, dig a hole in the bottom and let them run the "real" car race for a great party event!Collect any material you have at hand and use your imagination to replace it if possible.
While these instructions are based on specificBoxes of size, they can easily adapt to boxes of similar size.For an itemized list of tools and materials, see the last slide.Measure 6 inch down from the upper edge of the wider side of the larger carton, and draw a curve from the mark to the front lower edge.
Go through a layer of cardboard along this line.Use this cutting piece as a template to draw and cut the same curve on the other side of the box.Open the cardboard and cut 3 inch off the upper center flap.
Measure, Mark and score at 1 inch, 2 inch and 4 inch, keep the flap folding at 6 inch.Then measure 3/4 down, cut a slit, leaving 1 inch uncut on each side.Measure more than 4 1/4 in each direction on the center panel and cut a straight line to the top of the bottom flap.
Measure another 8 inch and score a straight line on each side, again at the top of the bottom flap.Line cut along the creases between the cut and the engraved line.These will be the doors on the main body of the car.
Make the hood from the remaining ends.
Cut off 7 inch of the top flap to measure, Mark and score at speeds of 1/2, 1 1/2, 4 1/4 and 6 1/4.Score the rest of the end part in 1-1 vertical downInches apart, keep the end plate intact.Score a line down horizontally on each side of the end sheet and the end flap, 1 inch from the edge.
Cut to the horizontal score line at each vertical score point.Cut off the 1 inch fractional line on both sides of the end flap.Spray each piece of prepared cardboard with adhesive and carefully drop the wrapping paper.
Remove any wrinkles, start at the center of each piece of paper, press the paper hard and move to the edge.Attach the Hood to the body of the car using the inside tape and bend it over the score line to fit the side profile.The flap at the bottom of the fold, glue and tape is in place, but at this time the top of the back flap is loose.
Wrap the edges and corners in the same color as the body with tape, or use accent colors to present a vivid look.Gray tape is used inside the windshield and door.The tape adds stability to these moving parts.
Draw and cut the trunk curve on each 12-The inch side of a small box using the same technology as the main body.Cut two 1-Inches along the short side of the extra 16-inch side.Score in the remainder of 1-1inch intervals.
Tape the 1-An inch strip along each curved side at a 90 degree angle.These will be the edges to keep the lid of the trunk.Cover the prepared parts with wrapping paper as before, and assemble the trunk by pasting the bottom flaps in place.
Wrap the edges with tape.
Extend the top flap below the front of the car and secure the glue and tape in place.Slide the straight flap of the trunk cover into the slot cut on the main body of the car.Apply glue and tape in the car.Fold the flaps down from the main body to form a headrest.
Painted cardboard for tires, ribbon spools for spokes.Use short bolts and nuts to stamp a hole through the cardboard through scissors and pass the bolts through to install the tires.Fixed with nut.Add velcro to the trunk latch and door handle.
Make a hole by putting the screws through the pan to install the steering wheel.Fix it on the front dashboard of the car using bolts and nuts
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