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candy boxes for sale PEZ Collectibles

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-13

Do you know people who don't love pace?It's not so much candy as a vending machine.So many people have passed our hands over the years.Can you believe that they can be collected.If we only keep more babies, these are worth a lot of money!How much do you remember?Do you have a favorite that always buys candy, or do you just like to buy a new dispenser?Let's travel along the memory lane to see if you remember some of them.The little candy made in Austria was originally designed to breathe mint., Take the letters at the beginning, middle, and end.Once it was sold as a substitute for smoking.In fact, early vending machines were like disposable lighters today.In the 1950 s, the company decided to launch a Santa Claus dispenser and space gun for American children.In the late 1950 s, they began producing characters under licensing agreements such as Popeye and Mickey Mouse.Over the years, people have added different heads, even feet, and some have more collectible value than others.The most expensive price ever was a Mickey Mouse dispenser that sold $7,000 to a California collector.Of course, when it comes to this kind of money, there will be fakes around.Some fakes are better than others, to prevent them from being bought.There's a story, a city myth, and if you want, Ebay started because the wife of Ebay founder Pierre Omedia wanted to sell, trade and buy the PEZ dispenser.This is not true.In fact, this is a story designed to bring more business to Ebay.This is the so-called marketing strategy.The story has everyone running to their attic and basement looking for not only the PEZ dispenser but also other things that might be sold to collectors.Everything is fair.All of a sudden, what was previously thought to be disorganized became a possible source of income, and they said the rest was history.Ebay is still one of the best locations to find PEZ dispensers.However, if people choose to put them on this site, they may already know their value.Take a look and see what they have at the moment.Remember, on Ebay, the selection is constantly changing, buy it if you see something you like, because it may not be there the next time you log in.Ebay is a great place if you want to add it to your collection.Keep in mind that you will pay more than in other places like garage sales.Although Ebay is a great place to look for the PEZ dispenser, it is not the only place.There are Garage and yard sales (boots sales in the UK), chaotic sales and exchange meetings.They are usually thrown into the box with other random toys.You might be looking for them.If there are children's supplies for sale, it is likely that they have PEZ dispensers somewhere.There are also PEZ meetings in the US where you can buy and sell your dispenser with other PEZHEADS.Not only are vending machines that collect cute heads and feet, but also vending machines that are used to sell them.Pez now sells not only a single dispenser, but also multiple packages containing several different characters.Take a look at a collection of enthusiasts below and you will see not only the PEZ dispenser, but also the advertising materials and other PEZ appliances.If you are an avid collector, you may already know that resale will get the best price if you put your PEZ dispenser in the original packaging.However, this is not the only thing to consider, and your packaging will become bleached if you put it in the sun.The less you handle these, the better.Choose a display cabinet that will protect them, but choose a display cabinet when you can still see them.No longer hide them behind the closet or under the bed.They are good things to see and when everyone sees them they always bring a smile to them.Everyone likes PEZ!Of course, there are other things to collect besides the PEZ dispenser.Below, I listed some of my selections on the hub pages of other collections that people wrote.Take a look and see if there's anything you're interested in, or maybe already a collector.
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