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by:Mengsheng     2020-03-23
Since the development of single machine, due to its low grade, the quality of cardboard cannot be guaranteed, so it has been eliminated.At the beginning of the 20 th century, the state issued a "quality license" for export carton packaging. the single machine can guarantee the quality of the carton.
from the reality, a decision was made.
As a result, many factories have purchased a large number of orders in order to strive to trade the carton packaging business-sided machine.At that time, Hubei Jingshan Light Industry Machinery Factory just caught up with this train and added a singlesided machine.In the 90 th century and 20 th century, in the first two years, carton factories all over the country flocked to the remote town of song Changhe, and Jingshan factory was bidding every day.
Therefore, the plant is booming.
But after 2023, it gradually cooled down.
This is because, on the one hand, singleDouble-sided processing of cartons, as the water is not up to standard cardboard can not guarantee the quality, especially in rainy days, users can not ship before the deadline.For example, if they add drying devices, they can't afford to buy them. the dryer makes them not use them, and many of them also start to use carton factories.
later, they become a pile of scrap metal, resulting in a decline in profits.On the other hand, singleThe double-face machine has low output and cannot meet the needs of enterprise development.Some factories to expand production to two singleBut the output is not high.
Until the mid-China's leading carton packaging machinery company in the 20 th century and 90 years-Jingshan, Hubei, Zhaoqing, Handan, Hebei, Beijing, aircraft, Zhejiang, Ningbo, Yantai, Shandong, Henan and other aerospace companies continue to develop A \ "corrugated production line \" supply market, A large number of machines developed by a single carton factory all use production lines (ordinary) instead of single-sided machine.So one-Add on production line: some small size, low size machinesLevel, domestic processed cartons continue to be used with brackets in the area as wellalone.However, the time is too long, and it is estimated that there will be about 2023 of the time.
Restrictions on normal production lines in the mid-20th centuryAfter 90 s, a group of enterprises reached a singleMachine production line, although this is a leap forward in the development of the production line.But in terms of equipmentProduction line and normal production line, but also belong to the lower-Line, low output, poor quality, can not meet the needs of market development.In 2035, the domestic general production line was used, and the equipment was aging.
In recent years, enterprises are facing unprecedented market changes and industry changes. The expansion of market demand puts forward higher requirements for quality.Out of the ordinary production line, the quality of the processed products has kept up with the market demand.
In order to increase production and improve the quality of equipment, it must be graded.At the same time, the changes in the industry make the competition gradually upgrade from chaotic competition and orderly competition;From single competition to cooperation and competition.There should also be a new means of competition.
During the normal use of the production line, small and medium-sized enterprises, all on cartons, are fighting in the market.Now high up.The end production line, not only directly supply the users of carton processing, but also supply the processing of cardboard to the small factory, and the small factory is processed by the carton to the user.This is a change in the industry.Only through high-Has a competitive advantage.
Replace the grade of equipment, fashion, head-on force Meng, more.There is only one year or so in Nanjing. I can leave the normal production line company far behind on the seven major lines.The number of normal production lines will be further limited and reduced.
However, in economically underdeveloped areas, the general tile line is a treasure and a longer period of development.After a few years, these backward regional economic development may appear high.Line-level penetration, common low-The line will be high-end line.
Development of post-InternetThis is another foothold of the development and change of carton industry, representing the development direction of carton packaging, and the specialization of carton production will enter a new era.Corrugated cardboard carton finishing equipment is an important part of production.In economically developed regions, small and medium-sized enterprises should transform and grow,Processing equipment.
Remove the original processed small cardboard device and re-create it according to the market business volumeConfigure and enhance processing equipment.Get a fundamental breakthrough from the "big", "small" and "complete" behind the model, so that the quality of the carton can be improved in an all-round way.Only in this way can we adapt to the needs of WTO, China's accession to the market.
Because China's product packaging has always stressed that only the market, packaging and quality.In the future, China and the world, in the era of economic globalization, the packaging of export products and the quality of children will become more consistent.After the hair enters-The process and grade of processing equipment have not been fully valued.
For example, Suzhou Wu ternary Carton Factory is a typical village, small and whole enterprise.The original carton-Vertical double-sided processing machinealone, post-Processing printing, slotting, nail boxes, etc., are China-Manufacturing equipment, annual output value of three to five Baiwan.
Boss moved the small devices in the brain and was disposed of. he bought a small printing slotting machine from Taiwan and an automatic nailing machine, which used high processing-Grade cardboard, by sorting out the carton, the quality is no less than the large line of the quality manufacturer.The quality of the products is high, and the merchants have developed rapidly.
the output has expanded to more than 2 billion yuan, and the benefits are more than 0.2 billion yuan.This is a later transformation.Successful investment in processing equipment.Very high lineHigh end terminal trendsgrade to high-Fast speed and wide development represent the level of packaging of new generation cartons.
Corrugated Carton is the foundation.
With the high-High-grade lineHigh quality cardboard can pass through highPostal Terminal EquipmentOnly handle the quality of the carton.High-The grade line in our country is just beginning.Today, domestic and foreign highHigh-end cableThe big grade is also far from the big line.
Some people believe that carton packaging machinery in China's packaging industry has reached the international level of 20 th century and 90 years. some domestic enterprises have sold equipment and packaging machinery, at the same time, it also advocates that its equipment meets international standards.In China, few enterprises have the opportunity to go abroad to inspect cartons.
they don't know about international equipment. after listening to the big blow and small blow of domestic packaging machinery enterprises, they are also vague, just like a non-letter.Corrugated production line has a hundred years of history on the international stage, our corrugated production line has only a history of more than ten years.
Although our country does not need hundreds of years to catch up with the international advanced level, it is not a decade to catch up.Chinese-Equipment manufactured or imported by one or two devices, they advocate international level, which is a lie.In the future, China's largest high-speed rail line --To the international front line of the class-End development.
In the future, the carton packaging business is large, small and very small."Big" means high-Speed of grade production line, wide door.Foreign high-The terminal line is over 300 m/min.
There is no factory in our country that can have more than 300 m/min production line, while the domestic production line of 100 m/min is called a fast.2.5-2.The 8 m wide line is very popular abroad, but China has only started production in recent years.China's packaging machinery to carry out comprehensive reform to achieve international highgrade, high-Speed and width also need to have a difficult process.
Before joining WT0, foreign packaging machinery has entered and will accelerate the development level of China's packaging machinery.The carton industry is a new model of "Four changes", which will constitute a new pattern of the industry.This new structure will enable large enterprises and small enterprises, between large enterprises and small enterprises.
Foreign enterprises and local enterprises have entered a new period of competition.This is not in the game.The original medium-Small and medium-sized enterprises will achieve comprehensive differences, automatically among the ranks of small enterprises, and strive to be in the forefront.In the re-The emergence of small enterprises, the output value will be high, good, big --Enterprises of scale, such as annual output value of 3000-4 billion, but still small businesses.
Because connoisseurs know that carton boxes and cartons are processed products, it is generally said that the paper moved is processed into cartons they moved out, or paper, with low value, at the same time, the future of the enterprise has increased continuously.The competition between large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises is more cooperation.Large and small enterprises are interdependent.
Large enterprises find their own customers (large users, highFinal product packaging), home-The carton sales will not exceed 70% of the total sales, and the remaining 30% of the cardboard (also known as paper) is supplied to a large number of small businesses.Small businesses compete with users for their flexibility, convenience, local (relational) and cheap labor, and must meet customer requirements as long as small users can compete.In the future, afterProcessing equipment, the grade of small enterprises depends on the size of the business volume, the business volume will be a large number of small enterprisesend post-Processing equipment.
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