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cardboard box recycling Financial Review Rich List 2017 tops $230 billion mark

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-08
cardboard box recycling Financial Review Rich List 2017 tops $230 billion mark
Australia is thriving in wealth.Soaring property markets, a recovery in manufacturing, rising iron ore prices and high performance in technology and financial services have contributed to the growth of global wealth.xa0Financial Reviewxa0The rich list reached a record $233 billion.Australia's richest top 10 are only about $75 billion, while the average wealth of 200 richest people on the list is $1.
16 billion,xa02017 rich list:xa0Reveal.
Anthony Pratt topped the list with record personal wealth of $12.6 billionxa0He is one of three billionaires worth more than $10 billion-ranked first among 34 in the list --year history.He is ahead of 60 billion billionaires on the list, including new billionaires such as Canberra Airport boss Terry Snow, Grette Parker and Queensland real estate developer Maha Sinnathamby.
Pratt joined for $10 billion.
The levels of Harry Triguboff and Gina Reinhart are high and worth $11.$45 billion and $10.41 billion respectively.There are 10 debutant, including the youngest new name in 33Owen Cole, age.He holds a 200 stake in the foreign exchange broker, peperstone, with a wealth of $0.
342 billion.
342 billion in cutsOff mark is a record of the list.Mr. Pratt, the head of the Visy industrial carton manufacturing and recycling empire in Australia and the Pratt industry in the United States, topped the list for the first time since 2009.His wealth with Mr Triguboff and Mrs Rinehart added up to $7.
5 billion as a result of Mr.
Pratt's continued success in the United States, Mr. Triguboff dominated the Sydney apartment market, and Mrs. Reinhart's iron ore price rose."Money is an important scoreboard for success, or one of them," Mr Pratt told reporters .
"xa0Financial review Australiaxa0He rose to the first when discussed.1 position.This is a great honor.Mr. Triguboff.On last year's list, Mr. Pratt was the number one."He did a very good job and I was impressed with him," the property tycoon said .".Westfield supremo Frank Lowy came in fourth with $8.
26 billion of the wealth was the same as last year, while Glencore chief executive Glassenberg was fifth at $6.85 billion.Mr. Glasenberg, who lives in Switzerland and works for Australia's resource trading giant, has Australian citizenship as head of Glencore's Asian coal commodities division in 1980.The list of big migrants includes watching the chairman of the group.
xa0Andrew Forrest announced a $0.
4 billion donation this week.
Forrest's wealth has doubled over the past year, mainly in FMG stocks, but also through a large number of agricultural holdings.Mr. Forrest came sixth for $6.With a fortune of $84 billion, John Gandel, the Melbourne mall tycoon, is ahead of $6.At 10th7.Mr. Gandel owns half of the huge Chadstone mall.
Eighth is Hong-Hong Kong-based huiwangmao, who has the most wealth in Hong Kong-Listed Shimao Real Estate Group, but after studying for an MBA at the University of South Australia in early 1990, has Australian citizenship.His property is $6 billion.The top 10 are Crown Resort director and major shareholder James Parker, who owns $4.At present, it is mainly 75 billion rich in Crown stocks, as well as Perth billionaire Stan Peron.
Perron, 94, is the oldest billionaire on the rich list with $3 in wealth.9 billion.His Perron investment achieved a net profit of $0.244 billion in 2016 and held $2.Net assets such as commercial real estate, airports and shopping centers are 44 billion.
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