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cardboard box suppliers Creative Cereal Box Crafts for Kids

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-22
I am almost certain that there is at least one grain box for each family.Even if you usually recycle your cereal boxes, there are some other good uses for these cartons before you send them to the recycle bin.With a little creativity and some extra supplies, you can turn a boring afternoon into some handmade fun!This craft is perfect for sorting out books or magazines at home or in the classroom.
In my fourth grade class, we purchased organizers for our students to keep their reader workshop materials.I wish I could think of the craft before we buy it.This is not only a good way to personalize their book boxes, but also a good way to reuse materials.
If there are too many magazines in your home, this will be a great way for you to keep the magazine neatly and orderly.Any additional decoration such as stickers, glitter, etc.To create your book or magazine organizer, cut the flaps on top of the box.
Then on one side of the box, cut off one side from about 2/3.Then, using Mod Podge, brush the side of the box with the decorative paper of your choice and cover it.Continue this with each side of the box.You can use a paper style or create a collage of colors and designs.
Once all the boxes are covered, you can personalize the stand by adding additional decorations.To make this craft, you need to separate the grain box and make a front and back cover.This can be as small or as big as you want.
You can even cut it into a unique shape, such as a heart shape or a circle.Cut the cereal box into the size you want.Make sure you have a team lined up front and back.
Then cut off your paper so it's about 1/2 smaller than the front and back of the notebook.Lay the Mod Podge on one side of the Grain box and place it on the decorative paper.When it is safe, cut the paper down to meet the sides of the cardboard.
Repeat on the other side.
Align the front of the notebook with the paper inside the back cover.You can bring them together by punching in the sides and tying the decorative silk.Your child will fill these up and beg you to earn more!There is no need to waste a grain box.
If you are making a notebook, you can save the smaller sides and use them to create unique personalized bookmarks.They are the perfect width and you can cut them to the length you want.The decor can be as simple or complex as you would like.
Everything from stickers to glitter to drawings is the perfect way to personalize bookmarks.If you use this for your students in the classroom, you can even have Students paste a Reminder List about reading on their bookmarks.This is a very easy and versatile craft.These Valley box monsters have thrilled my kids!They turned the old box into a terrible creature with crazy faces and hair and had a good time.
Or a robot or any other creature you can think.There are not many formal steps in this process.Just cover the side of the box with liquid glue or Mod Podge and then place the paper on the glue.
Children can use a color or change the color on both sides.Then, let the children create faces with different materials such as buttons, building paper shapes, aluminum foil, etc.We used Raffia ribbons and other yarn to create hair on the top of the monster's head.
We then made an accordion building piece of paper to make arms and legs.You can even add shoes or hands if you want!The only monster that can limit you is the imagination of your own little monster!
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