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cardboard box suppliers Easy Pirate Crafts for Kids - Ahoy!

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-22
I am the mother of two boys who love pirates and crafts.They are fans of Jack and the pirates of Neverland.This page includes a lot of pirate stuff.My boys are 3 and 4 years old so it's easy for them to make or join.
We use easy access materials such as cartons and a lot of craft glue!The goal here is to have a lot of fun and learn more about pirates.I have included some of the best dinosaur crafts on the web as well as some of our own works.Have a good time!These are the crafts we want to make.
(We have tried it, please see below.
This is very interesting.
I cut off the pirate treasure chest template from the card, then sprayed a lot of craft glue and gave the boy the glue communicator and a lot of treasure --Like pieces in a craft box.I have a bead on a broken necklace, a set of shells and marine craft beads, and some gold and silver stickiness --Looks like a coin backing sequins.Some other parts, including parrot feathers, continue.
Boys, aged only 3 and nearly 5, enjoy the event.We discussed why there were shells in a pirate's treasure chest.My little son really likes to choose what to wear and his brother is organized as usual.
I took a picture of the finished box and showed it to my eldest son.He asked them if they were standing on the picture.Then the 3D effect is OK!I printed the plain paper doll template for this activity.
My eldest son killed his own pirate and I helped my younger son.Then they decorated their pirates.I helped them cut the pieces they asked for (they were very clear about what their pirates should look like!) From felt, cards and paper.They glued the pieces to it and had a heated discussion about what pirates should wear.
They were very pleased with their pirate paper dolls.They played with them for a long time.They loved them so much that they asked if we could build a pirate ship for them.It's also a great event for girlsThe girl pirate paper doll will be cool!The boys wanted to build a pirate ship.
Well, I got an Amazon carton from a recent delivery.With a lot of creativity, I think I can turn it into a pirate ship.This is an event that the boys mainly watch and hold, but they like the process very much.
The Marine masking tape is fixed together.I designed the boat so that the kids could get into it from the side and also put things on the deck which worked really well.Before I could put the sail up, the children drove the boat and played.
First of all, the pirate Playmobil continues.Then the Knight.Then they can find someone else!.The children were still playing their pirate ship a few weeks later.It won't last forever, but they have a lot of fun with it.
Sometimes it's convenient to have a craft bag to take out on rainy days or when you just have to do some housework.We 'd love to know you were here
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