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cardboard box with handle Oh you push the damper in, and you pull the damper out...

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-24
The smoke on the chimney is the same...As far as I'm concerned, 4 years old, this is the end of the story.The door is a do-There is no lever in the throat of the chimney in the living room.It should have helped smoke rise from the chimney, but it didn't work.
You hook the poker in and pull it or push it as you like.It makes harsh noises and sometimes emits a lot of soot.No matter what, no smoke.The smoke on the chimney is the same.The smoke on the chimney is the same.This is the version of Dad.The stars of the morning shine on the door of the hearth.
Of course, what I don't know is that the damper works well, but it has nothing to do with controlling the smoke flow on the chimney.One day, when my mother got up early to make a fire, I found out the real purpose of it.It is always a great show to transport coal from a coal bunker, or, if the coal bunker is empty, to transport coal from a coal bunker, to build a small pyramid in a grate,The middle is lighter.
I like fire-lighters.
They live in a cardboard box in the coal bin and smell very hot --Lighter, nothing else.The exposed end of the fire-A lighter for matches.Use the twists and turns of yesterday's newspaper to help with the process, sometimes holding a square piece of black metal in front of the fire with handles to encourage lighting.
It is strange that what is technically a suction cup should be called a blower, but we are not worried about these details.The fire is easy to light on this special morning.Mom added some more coal, Hung poker on the door of the wind, pushed in, and went to the kitchen to start making breakfast.
I decided that the smoke needed a little help, and I unplugged the bezel again before starting the serious work of the ghost with white wax strokes.After breakfast, my mother went to take a bath, but came back to play with the Fengmen two minutes later.I'm sure I pushed the door in, but I must have forgotten.
The stone of the water is cold!I decided it would be best not to say anything, but that night I asked Dad what was the real use of the Fengmen, and I took the first lesson of the pipe and the miracle of the rear boiler, of course, the heat from fire to water is controlled by the inconspicuous wind door!
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