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cardboard box with handle Using EnviroTex Lite Resin For Jewelry Making

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-24
If you have read some of my previous hub tutorials on pendant making, you will find that I have mentioned EnviroTex Lite resin.I always wanted to write a hub on EnviroTex Lite as I found it to be a very good resin.This is the first and only resin I have tried and it works very well for me.
It's a bit expensive, but a small box of 8 ounces can last for a few months as I only use a small amount of jewelry at a time.Maybe you're new here and you're not sure what exactly the resin is.Resin is basically a kind of plastic.It starts with the liquid and then is cured by a chemical process by mixing the two equal parts of the resin and the hardening agent together.
There are different kinds of resin, but the two most commonly used resin in jewelry manufacturing are epoxy or polyester.The resin is used to make the whole piece of the mold, or as a thick glass coating for jewelry.With EnviroTex Lite, you can get a piece from a deep mold, but I don't think it's the best.
You have to do smaller, thinner layers, which takes more time.It works well for shallow molds, but there are other resins that are more suitable for deep molds.What exactly is Envirotex Lite?Bottle caps, hanging trays and images poured into shallow molds.
pour-Processing in highlights.
This resin is widely used and can be used with polymer clay, metal, wood, etc.For desktop coating and sealing.On your desktop.itself out.It penetrates through the wood and solidified it into a beautiful shiny glassLike a fully protected desktop.or white glue.Wet it can cause black spots or blur.Mod podge or glue works as a "shower cap" to keep the porous material dry until the resin is cured.
This thing is amazing!glass-It's like finishing them.Very durable.Work with resin.The use of this resin really removed my fear.It is not difficult to work with him.In the right and right order, the result of the completion is always awesome!What you can do, what you can do!It is very easy to use EnviroTex Lite.
All you need to do is make sure you don't miss any steps in the process.Here are some things I learned all the way.Be sure to cover your surface well when using resin, because once it dries, it will always exist.
It is a good idea to use wax paper on your work surface, as resin drops do not penetrate.Make sure your supplies (mixing cups, sticks, etc ).) Sit outside and set off.It is best to carry a roll of paper towels and a bottle of rubbing alcohol with you, wiping any spilled resin or any resin that reaches your hand.
Because the resin is not water soluble, it is not feasible to clean with water.But I admit I don't wear gloves.Wearing gloves, I don't feel very able to control my work.--xa0What I did was to keep my hands away from the resin as much as possible, and then when I finished, I wiped off any resin on my hands with paper towels and scrubbed my hands with soap and water very well.
to use gloves.
Mixing the same amount of resin with the hardening agent is essential for a good, transparent resin.Be very careful that they are exactly the same.The best way to ensure that the two parts of the resin and the hardening agent are equal is to use the 2 Cup mixing method.
Just measure your resin in one cup, measure the hardening agent in another, and make sure they are exactly the same.Then pour the resin into the cup with a hardening agent, mix it for a minute, then pour the contents (scrape as much as possible, take everything out) into another cup and mix it for a minute.In this way, you can mix them together as much as possible.
You can buy a lot of cheap at local medical institutions.Also, mixing a small amount of resin at a time helps you not waste the rest of the resin.Not enough is better than too much.You can always go back and mix up your work.
I beat my popsicle with a stick and sometimes my popsicle with a stick.Make sure you mix violently in at least 2 minutes.When I'm done mixing, my usually looks foam and blistering.
Insufficient mixing of the resin and the hardening agent or uneven measurement will result in the resin not being cured properly.Pay attention to these two things.After pouring into the resin, you may notice a large number of small bubbles in the resin.Just take a straw and breathe slowly on the bubble.
This will eliminate the bubbles and clean up your resin.Be careful not to breathe in from the straw..Breathe out gently.Be sure to check frequently to see if new bubbles are formed and pop up.
Apply a layer to your image with something like mod podge or white glue.If not properly coated, the resin will penetrate its porous surface and cause the black point and/or image to blur.My favorite thing is mod podge.It's great for this one!If you have a tray to fill, it is better to pour EnviroTex Lite into one layer before pouring another layer to allow each layer to dry for at least 8 hours.
Pouring a layer too thick can cause cloudy, so it's better to use a smaller thin layer when using EnviroTex Lite.I made a layered collage on some of my caps and as a result they are really cute and have a 3D effect.If you pour the resin on a flat thing, be sure to pour it only a little bit at a time and push it to the edge with a stick.
If there is one that falls on the edge, come back in about 25 minutes and wipe it off the edge.By then it should start to thicken so you can mold it up, stay where it is and stop infiltrating from the edge.You can put a piece of tape on the edge to prevent it from crossing the edge.
The tape works very well.
Remember, if you're going to pour it into the mold, pour it into the thin layer and solidify it for 8 hours between layers.If you embed things like flash, charm, or collage into your mold, you can add them after each layer or in the middle of the layer.These pendants look great!You can embed a lot of things in the resin.
Just make sure that any of your embedded materials are porous, you can seal them with mod podge or white glue first.If you are using a very deep mold, then there is a better resin to use.As far as I know, polyester resin performs better in deeper molds, or you can try the Castin craft brand.
I have heard that this is an epoxy, but it is formulated in some form in order to make a separate mold better.This is what I will try next.I found that the silicon baking mold and the silicon ice cube tray work very well with the envirotex lite and you don't have to use the mold to release.I had to work with it and it was hard to get it out, but I never broke the mold.
You can also use silicone molds over and over again, so if you really want to use them with resin, they are really a good investment.Remember not to pour too much into the moldI never use the whole part of the mold.I pour a small amount (usually two layers thin) into my mold and they still form and look great.
I'm sure I don't make them too thick.
One more thing to use the moldIf after you take it out of the mold and finally get a piece of glossy and dull resin, you can brush an envirotex lite coat on it and even brush some clear nail polish, this will help it shine again.Glass Attic.When you're done with all the work, make sure your parts sit on a completely flat surface for curing.Cover your parts with a plastic container (such as a plastic shoe box) or some type of container, even a carton.
All you need to do is put something on your debris to protect them from dust and other particles in the air.Your debris will be cured within 24 hours, but it will take 72 hours to fully heal.As I 've been saying throughout the center, enviroTex lite thinks it's great to work with it when making jewelry, and I hope people don't be intimidated by it, because it is a kind of "Resin ".
I know I mention the same thing over and over, but doing something is so important while dealing with it.--xa0The good news is that this is really easy to grasp and you will love this result every time!--xa0You will end up with quality handmade jewelry that will last for years.I have never considered the time and effort to make resin jewelry because I know the end result is totally worth it.
Thank you for your reading and it's really fun to make your own resin jewelry!
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