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cardboard box with lid How Hand-Reared Starlings were Released Back to the Wild

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-23
It was evening and I was preparing the dog's dinner, like at the time of my day, the front door was open and my friend came in angrily and looked angry.The two of us share a house and always adopt abandoned animals of all kinds and sizes, from dogs and cats to mice, hamster, swallow tail snake and everything in.We had six dogs at the time, and they were all jumping excitedly and waiting for their food, so when my friend said, "you 'd better get the dog out.
I quickly locked the dog in a different bedroom, which was very frustrating for them, while my friend went back to the car and then struggled through the front door with a big, presumably heavy carton, the lid was closed.He carried it up to the bedroom upstairs and gently placed it on the top of the drawer.I followed curiously.But when the lid is carefully opened, nothing can prepare me for the sight that greets me.
There's a big, perfect one inside.
There are a few birds, their mouths are open, waiting for food.As soon as the lid was opened, they began to chir loudly and went crazy.They are small, but they will definitely make a lot of noise!The reason my friend is angry is because of a person's stupidity and selfishness --There are certain things that will keep us in constant anger.
These adult birds apparently nest on the roof of a house.It's basically not noticed for a whileUntil the eggs hatch.But suddenly, after only one night in life, the birds found themselves dumped without a second thought in the middle of the lawn --nest and all -Because they were "too noisy ".
Their chirping woke the householder.
Of course, for many people, human needs are always more important than animals.So the nest was removed and the helpless little creatures died like this.The first thing he did in the morning was to climb the ladder and move the bird's nest.
Even though adult birds are flying wild in panicSeven Oneday-Any cat nearby can push the old chicken around.They stayed there all day without eating because the parents did not dare to go down and take care of their young birds.They will stay there when the darkness comesCould Die-If my friends don't see them by chance.
At this point, after being left on the lawn for about 12 hours, as the parents seem to have stopped flying to them, the young birds are in a bad state and have not been seen for a while.It was a warm day when the children had no food in the sun all day.Although my friend and I adopted all kinds of animals, neither of us had experience in dealing with wild birds.
When we were only told that birds "should stay where they are", several calls to wildlife charities and several veterinarians proved futile because "parents will come back ".It seems unlikely at this point, and it will be a case of letting them die.So we searched the internet and wanted to know how we should feed and take care of them.
We didn't even know what species they were at the time, but we thought of eight brothers or sparrows.After I read "can buy dry bugs for wild birds", I rushed to 24-An hour supermarket bought a bag of earth worms from their animal feed area.My friend took on the hard task.Time tasks for feeding babies.Feeding them has proved to be a difficult task.
He used a pointed pair of tweezers to start putting small pieces of dried worms into their bodies --Open your mouth and try to make sure that the youngest children are not left out because their larger siblings are vying for more food.This is indeed a complete one.Taking care of their time to work, he hardly slept because as soon as they were fed and calmed down for a while, they quickly chirped for more food loudly.We also put a heating light on their nest and they seemed happy under the warm lights.
Sadly, two birds did not survive the night the next morning and we were reduced to five.I thought they were left on the lawn all day long and were too weak after no food in the hot sun.The way of feeding continued throughout the weekend and my friend got frustrated.
Eyes opened due to lack of sleep.
I took over him while he was at work, which was terrible for me because the birds were too small and I had no experience feeding them at all.Confused dogs and cats are not allowed in his bedroom, just sitting outside the door and listening to the screams and screams inside, and there is no doubt that they want to know exactly what is going on.I was surprised that there was no help or advice from any animal welfare charity --Even the Royal Association for the Protection of Birds cannot provide us with any practical assistance.
So in the next few weeks, we continue to "go alone ".The Internet is a fortune.This is an experienced learning case.My friends, like mother bird and father bird, are all rolled together and stay up late every night to feed the birds on the ground.To our dismay, three more birds died in the coming week.
We realize that it is actually impossible to judge if there is any problem, because after a minute they will eat normally and look good.But the next time we check, one of them will die for no reason.Very sad.However, the two surviving birds became stronger and stronger, and soon we saw their feathers start to grow, and they must be star birds.
When the birds grow up, they are always planned to be put back in the wild.After reading online, they had to learn how to feed themselves to survive, and my friend designed a plan where he dug earthworms from the garden and put them in a bowl of soil.The idea is that it will mimic the behavior of wild birds digging worms and teach them how to feed themselves.
This seems to be feasible, and soon after, the two surviving eight brothersThey get bigger every day, now full of feathersNice to dig bugs out of the plastic tub on the floor.I have to say that this is not a pleasant sight, and I often find that there are live bugs twisting behind the cabinets.I usually put them back in the garden.I think they should live if they have enough heads to escape two hungry chicks!In the first few weeks, the birds were happy to sit in the nest in the carton.
One day, however, we realized that they began to teach themselves how to fly.One of them managed to jump up and sit on the edge of the box, and soon her brothers and sisters followed.They stayed there, no more adventures, just flapping their wings and screaming for a few days --Until one day they finally took the plunge and started flying around in the room!It was great to see it, but it also caused a lot of other problems!The windows had to be closed despite the summer approaching and sultry.
For my friend, getting in or out of his bedroom becomes a game with the eight brothers to see who can advance the door!They love adventure and want to see what's on the other side!But with six dogs and four cats, it's too dangerous for them to venture out of the bedroom.He called them cuier and happy.We are determined not to be too persistent, because the plan has always been to put them in the wild when they are big enough.But it's hard not to fall in love with them because they are so cute, friendly and curious.
It turns out to be expensive to feed them.We had no bugs in our garden and we had to go to the local fishing shop and buy a few boxes of live bugs in the soil.The shop-Before I told him about the eight brothers, the breeder thought I must have liked fishing at first.
He was fascinated and always asked me how they were when I went looking for more bugs.I bought live bugs one day, which means the feed for both birds is more expensive than all the dogs add up!Another problem, of course, is to clean up behind them because they seem to be poop all the time and it's a hard job to get rid of it all!Curtains, wallpaper, lightsShade, cabinets, curtain railings, windowsills, windows, carpets, and fish tank covers are all victims of excessive liveliness!My friend had to put a big dust sheet or plastic on his bed and also had to put the sheets in the cage of the sandrat and Deggs to make sure they didn't receive an unwelcome depositWe know it's time for them to be released.They were almost full.It's an adult brother and eats well.For their safety at night, we put them in a big Birdhouse (which is for us) and it's getting harder and harder to catch them, when they realize "sleep time, they start to hide under the bed, behind the cabinet, or high on the curtain railing to escape the capture!In particular, Chirpy became very friendly and sat on his shoulder when my friend put down the food.
In the end, Chirpy will sit in his hand as well.While we know they must be released into the wild, it is becoming more and more obvious.We have become very fond of them, and even discussed initially turning the spare rooms in the back into their giant birdhouses.
It has a large window with a view of the back garden and the trees in the distance.We wanted to build a wooden birdhouse in the room because it was never used except as a garbage room.But deep down in our hearts we can see that they are eager to go out because sometimes they fly to the window and hit the window, which in itself is terrible in case they commit suicide.
So we started talking about how to release them, when and where.However, one day it was taken from us in an unexpected way.It was a Saturday afternoon, and as usual, when I was cleaning and vacuuming, there was a mix of alcohol and alcohol in their birdhouse, which was locked up in the bathroom.
In this way they will not be afraid of vacuum, and they will not be afraid that dogs and cats will not find them.Suddenly, from the landing of the stairs, I heard my friend screaming in a panic in the bathroom.I rushed in and twitched away!He opened the little door at the top of the aviary very briefly, changed some bird drinking water and they did something they had never tried before --Fly out of the door at an amazing speed, straight through the open bathroom windows.
I just saw them flying to the tree in the distance!It's a beautiful, sunny day, and it's exciting to see them fight for freedom in a way.But we are all depressed!Although we had long planned to put them back in the wild, we had intended to plan them properly and take them to a more rural place, and we knew there were a lot of other birds.However, we ended up having no choice and they have made their own plans!For the rest of the day, several times, one or two of us walked into the back garden and shouted, "Tweety!Chirpy!Thought they might come back.
But they don't.
They finally got free and went back to their madness.Without them, the House seems empty, and if the same thing happens again, we will not hesitate to accept more wild birds and hands --rear them.Saving lives is worth it and I like to think that Tweety and Chirpy are still somewhere.
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