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cardboard drawer box 10 minute organizing tasks -

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-07
cardboard drawer box 10 minute organizing tasks -
Sometimes you only need ten minutes.I often tell my kids, "Just give mom ten minutes and we can play.It takes a long time to concentrate on a small task.will take 10-The number of minutes to complete each item: 1.
Clean up the medicine cabinet.
Get rid of old cosmetics, expired drugs and cosmetics that haven't been used for a few months (umm.....years?).2.Clear 10 folders.Invest only one minute or less per folder.Throw away anything that is outdated or no longer useful.
Tidy up your desk.
Take everything off the table and clean the surface, even if you have to put everything on the floor of the sorting pile for the time being (Ie.Paper, supplies, electronic media, etc.).Once you see your table, you'll have a surface that starts to organize everything you 've just taken from the table.4.Delete, delete, delete.In the next 10 minutes, remove as many messages as possible from your email inbox.
This includes forwarded jokes, unsolicited information, and emails that you can simply read and chuck.5.Organize the drawers.Whether it's your junk drawer, the drawer on your bedroom dresser or the desk drawer, it takes 10 minutes to dump the garbage and sort it out so similar items can be stored together.6.Make a mission basket.Collect 20 index cards and write a 10-There is a one minute cleaning task every time.
Put these cards in the basket.
Draw a card from the basket every day to perform the task.7.Tidy up.It doesn't matter if you don't have time for deep cleaning.However, you can do some slight dust removal in 10 minutes, wipe the surface or vacuum to clean up some bread crumbs.
Hunting and collecting.
Walk around your house with an empty basket.Put anything inappropriate in the basket.Take another 10 minutes today or tomorrow to put everything back in place.9.Make a donation box.Just take a large carton and label it as a "donation box.
\ 'Once you have a chance, put items that are in good condition but no longer in use in the box.Call your local charity to pick it up when it's full, or drop it down if they don't offer a pick-up service --up service.10.Make a household chart.People over the age of 2 should share household chores (including husbands ).
Make a chart of household chores and family members who are responsible for each household chores.Make sure to give the young kids the proper chores and reward everyone on weekends to keep them motivated!What did you do in 10 minutes?
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