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cardboard drawer box dos and don’ts of cotton bedding care -

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-07
cardboard drawer box dos and don’ts of cotton bedding care -
Designer bedding and all of the luxury bedding and accessories such as throws, deluxe duvets and pillowcases need to be careful to make sure they look good and last longer.So, in order to make your deluxe duvet look "luxurious" and make your double bed look more sacred, look at some common questions about how to take care of your cotton bedding, and how to learn dos and don \ 'ts.Can I iron the cotton?If you want your deluxe duvet or cotton sheets to look super smooth then you can iron them.
The most effective, less laborThe intensive way to do this is to iron them with a hot iron while still a little damp in order to make it easier to press out the creases.Can I dry the sheets?Drying quilt covers, sheets or pillowcases in a tumble dryer will not give you a mild external fragrance, but in winter it is very practical and convenient.You need to use a low setting and it is recommended that you fold a sheet and duvet out of the dryer to avoid unnecessary creases.
Do I need to wash my deluxe bedding professionally?Cotton bedding generally does not require professional cleaning, most of which can be machine-washed at 30 degrees.The more refined fabric can be washed and dried in a gentle, cool cycle.Needless to say, you should always check the labels on your sheets before washing.
How to fold and store large sheets and duvets?If you have a king duvet, a double duvet, or a tricky fitted sheet that will wrangle every time you come to fold, you are not alone.First of all, it helps to fold a set of corners into half with a fitted sheet so that they can sit together and fold the shape into half again, leveling up when doing so.Continue folding until you have a small rectangular shape that you can store neatly.
A useful suggestion is to put the sheets in the pillowcase.Make sure your storage area is clean and dry, away from the sun, and make sure you don't pack items too tightly in storage boxes or drawers as this will not allow enough air to flow.Putting a king duvet in a small cardboard box is "no"no’!WiselyWe recommends that you have two or three sheets per bed.
This way, you can rotate the sheets when they are stored in bed and laundry, which means that you always have sheets to use.Use the sheets alternately as evenly as possible, so that they bear the same amount of wear.From the double bed bedding set to the king duvet, to the decorative mats and bedspread, all of our bedding and accessories come with care instructions and can also be viewed online before you buy them.
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