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cardboard drawer box How to Make Custom Cardboard Box Sizes

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-13
cardboard drawer box How to Make Custom Cardboard Box Sizes
Cutting the carton into a custom size provides a closer fit for the items inside, while minimizing the need for excess packaging materials, if you intend to mail the carton to a friend or customer.If you are a regular on Ebay or if you need to pack a gift for a friend or family, the size of the custom carton is a skill to learn easily.You can use a new cardboard box or an old one, and you can turn it inside to hide the previous shipping labels and packing tape.
Open the carton and lay flat on one side on a table or other plane.Find out where the cardboard sticks to make the box.Most cartons are made of a piece of cardboard with one end folded and glued to the other.
This is usually located near a corner of the carton.Pry open both ends of the carton so you can work with a long piece of paper.Place the items that will enter the carton near an edge of the flat cardboard.
Leave enough space between the item and the cardboard edge so that when you cut the cardboard, the edge covers the side of the item.Mark the profile of the custom box around the items on the cardboard with a pencil to accommodate the space needed for the top, bottom and side edges of the box.Mark the profile with the same shape and size as the first profile, minus the edge next to the first profile.
If it's flat, the total profile should be the size of your custom carton.Use a box cutter or scissors to cut the profile of a custom carton.Fold the edge of the cardboard on the vertical side where the item was originally placed.
Fold the relative edge of the cardboard, create a similar edge on another vertical side of the item, and then fold the excess part of the relative edge on the item to create the box.Attach the two edges of the cardboard with a wrapping tape.Items centered on Custom Cartons, vertically cut at the top and bottom of each side of the cardboard to create labels, allow excess cardboard at the top and bottom to act as flaps that will fold over the item.
Fold the cardboard flaps that are closed on the item and seal the edges with the packing tape to close the box
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