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cardboard jewelry boxes How to Install Felt Lining in Wood Boxes

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-27
cardboard jewelry boxes How to Install Felt Lining in Wood Boxes
Wooden cases such as jewelry boxes require a traditional felt lining to protect what is inside.Felt must fit smoothly and comfortably.With limited space in some boxes, it looks difficult to install felt, but you can arrange the boxes with the right tools and materials for professional results.You can repair antique boxes of any size or install felt in the boxes you build.
Measuring the inside of the box--Bottom, side and lid--Use a ruler or tape measure.Mark the dimensions on the felt with a ruler and pencil to ensure that the sides of the felt are square before cutting.Cut the felt into size with scissors.Spray a small piece of adhesive at the bottom of the box and gently cover it with a spray.
Carefully lay a felt on the bottom of the box.Glue stays sticky for a few minutes so you have time to adjust the felt to fit in.Smooth it with your fingers.Cut a piece of cardboard to fit the bottom and use it as a shield to protect the felt you have installed.
Spray another felt on the other side of the box.Spray with cardboard and continue to apply the felt to the remaining sides and covers to protect the sides you have already done
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