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cardboard packing boxes How to Make Cardboard Boxes

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-31
cardboard packing boxes How to Make Cardboard Boxes
You can easily make your own cartons at home and use the tools and materials you may already have at home.Thin cardboard is easy to use and is good for process items.If you are shipping items, it is better to choose corrugated board;It is more powerful and meets the demands of most shippers on themselvespacked items.
For fragile items transported, it is recommended to use double boxes (one box in one box, separated by packed peanuts or other buffers ).You can double it.Thick corrugated board is also provided by the packaging supplier for additional strength.Determine the length, width and height of your box.
Place the cardboard on a table or floor, measure a rectangle in the middle of the cardboard, face the top with the size of the length and width, and draw the rectangle.Use a T-Keep the angle square.This is the bottom of the box.Lay straight edges along one edge at the bottom of the box and extend the line beyond the height of the box.For example, if your box is to be 8 inch high, extend a 8 inch line to each direction from the bottom of the box.
Repeat for the other three sides at the bottom of the box.Draw a line that connects both ends of the line to each side, creating four new rectangles attached to the bottom of the box.These are the sides of the box.Draw a rectangle of the same size as the bottom of the box attached to the lowest edge on the cardboard, create a T-The shape on the cardboard.
The bottom of the box is in the center to the top, the side of the box is attached to the bottom of the box (one on each side) and at the top of the box is the next side.Cut out your box with your straight blade and tool knife.Use your tool knife and straight edge to mark the lines between the rectangles.
Cut part but not all the way through the cardboard.This will make folding easier.Fold the side of the box and tape along the seam.Fold the top to close the box
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