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cardboard shipping boxes MAC 120 Professional Palette (Eyeshadow) (Fake)

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-14
cardboard shipping boxes MAC 120 Professional Palette (Eyeshadow) (Fake)
Update!* Latest Update * I now have another blog with comments about this brand and other brandsup.I also saw each color on my other blog from this palette.You can view and track it here: http: // artisticshadowsetc.
Because I haven't really updated this in the last few months, I will.I have been very happy with this palette for a few months since it was available.All colors are brightLast and hold for hours with the right primer.
I also forgot to add that the front MAC metal sticker has fallen off since about 2nd or 3rd days of owning it.This is just dealing with it.I don't mind because the quality is good.ALSO!Don't bother if you're a spammer or want to leave a comment on your online store.I only approve comments that are not spam.
Thank you.
Review!Okay, shall we start?:) Well, I'm looking at the MAC 120 professional palette on Ebay.Basically, yes.This is not a product for MAC Cosmetics.Not from Ebayer warehouse.getting.Ingredients on the back.There may be other signs but I did not notice.The product is well packaged anyway.Packed in cartons.Packed in one page of foam.On one or two eye shadows.But nope!Transparent plastic to protect eye shadow.
Plastic can also protect it.
A palette can be placed at the top when used.close it.I don't want them to crash in some way.Anyway, about eye shadow itself.honest.This is a very beautiful palette with every color you want.Matte, metallic and shiny eyeshadow.I 'd say it's creamy.Something like the dollar store, the quality is really good.
Because the color is bright and colorful, the color is very colorful.But I know I will wear it soon.Overall, I think this is a good product.The MAC 120 palette is the same as mine because it's those.for cheaper.I'm not sure.Don't believe me haha.But they look similar.Take a few more photos for you.not mind.Fragrance palette.About buying them.If you're not sure, just look up comments about them.
Hope you like my "review" or feel it is helpful!:)UPDATE!Primer Potion!Applied this morning!Great!** Sorry, this is re-My other post in the center of the MAC palette, stupid I forgot the "edit" option and deleted the other one.But there are updates and some new things in this center.Enjoy!If you want to buy this exact palette (which looks exactly the same but I can't be sure), please buy or compare by clicking on the link below.
* Also, if you would like to buy this palette, I would recommend buying it from this website.This is a trustworthy company and I have bought other things from them before.If I have not purchased from them before, I will not advise them.
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