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cardboard storage boxes with lids All That Yarn - Storage

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-24
How to store yarn in yarn is a bit important.When figuring out how to store fiber, the type of fiber is also crucial.You can't store natural fibers like wool (any percentage from 1 to 100), and you can't store things like aromatic cedar or camphor balls to repel pests.
I will find something other than the zhangnawan, as they themselves have a strong smell that will transfer to the yarn.The same is true of other synthetic fibers.If you don't want it to smell bad, be sure not to put it in a plastic garbage bag in the corner of the damp moldy basement.
I ate more meat skewers that smelled musty, and the smell wouldn't come out.I ended up donating it to some other organizations that either tie quilts with small pieces or glue to make children's crafts.It may be useful somewhere, and the smell is not important.
Acrylic yarn can get smelly from bad storage.It is synthetic, so it can smell the smell.Even washing will not always remove the stench after it is absorbed into the fiber.
I kept my acrylic yarn in the plastic storage box in the basement and garage and there was no problem with bad smell coming into the yarn.But, I also didn't run the car engine in the garage so that the specific smell wouldn't stay long enough to get into anything I stored there.Maybe try this...A better way to store yarn is to put it in a closed container like a large plastic storage box.
Similar to the advertisements they advertise for decorations or decorations.Including a dryer piece like Bounce, it has a light, clean smell [because even a strong smell can be as bad as the yarn.This can help it smell good when you weave around or crochet.
I received the yarn won by eBay auction, which has dryer pieces in the yarn pack.It smells clean and new, though it's old yarn for real estate sales.Getting yarn from a warehouse or online store usually has no smell.
But don't let it sit in a carton until you can use it.Take the yarn apart and store it properly immediately.Sometimes the carton is wet during transportation, which can hurt the yarn if the yarn is left in the box.
For the sake of my own yarn, I hide mine in transparentsided 66-Quart bins or bins close to this size.So I can see the color of the yarn or item stored in the box and how much yarn I have on my hand.An almost empty bin tells me that it's time to get more of this color as I obviously use a lot of this color in my various projects.
For example, now I have only 4-6 tails in red.I bought these because I knew I didn't have that color.I have some unclear gray rubber bins that I use for black, white and grayWhite.
I put 3x5 cards or the Avery box label with the color name on it on the bin.So I don't have to go through all the solids.Color bins (when I'm not clear)Edge) find the yarn color that was looking for at the time.
In the past.
Before they started making the transparent double sided large plastic case, we used the cardboard storage case under the closet and the bed.This does not work because the yarn can be heavy when a large amount of yarn and cardboard is bent in the middle or the lid is bent, due to the weight of stacking one cardboard on another.I have now replaced most of the cardboard with a plastic case and found that the plastic case is stronger than cardboard.
I also try not to pile them up higher than I can.This has stayed excessive.All weight drops to prevent bending or collapseRemove the box at the bottom from the weight accumulated at the top.When you put a lot of yarn in a box or bin, its weight is amazing.
Use smaller bins if you have a small amount of yarn, but try to keep them the same size so you can stack them.I found 3 to 4 boxes high, about all the weight that the bottom box can support.The stronger trash can at the bottom is the best option for stacking the trash.
In addition, shelves can help store bins.
Match the bin size to the shelf size.
Store items for easy access.
I also use recyclable grocery bags/bags to organize my project.I will get free as long as I can find it.For example, those popcorn that are free from the Jiffy Pop popcorn company (see the quote on the box, where you only need 3 UPC codes to get a free package), sometimes, when they have free bags and percentages I get some from the local staplescan-fit-in-the-bag sale.I even have photos of friends she got from different places.
like an earth-One of the Hard Rock Cafes is very friendly.I also bought some fun bags from the Disney Store that work fine.They are made from a variety of materials, but they remain good when my project is filled with yarn and patterns.
Canvas bags are the best because they do not stretch or tear when filled with yarn.Because I do a lot of Afghans, the bigger bag is better for me.I often have several projects going on at the same time, each in my own bag.
I used a small bag.
Items such as scarves or small toys.
I found regular canvas bags at low prices in Hobby Hall, they have several sizes so I can choose what I need for each item.I try to avoid hard plastic bags as they tend to stick yarn on the edge or inside of the bag.What works well for groceries is not always effective for yarn.
In order to organize my project, I started with a bag and put the pattern I printed out in a paper protector, the yarn or string of the pattern, crochet or knitting needles and several yarn needles (which always seem to disappear ).This way I can pick up the bag and put it on the chair to work or go to my friend's house and sew it up for a while.Also, the yarn stays clean (as long as the cat does not enter the yarn and steal a ball), I have what I may need in one place.
If a project is too big for a bag (like the Afghan need a lot of yarn in different colors), I try to sort them out with a second bag of the same design.There are many online modes (free mode) for various items to print out.I also copied the book pattern so it's easier to use than trying to get a book to open the page I'm using and carry less weight in the bag.
Grandma's storage solution.
Plastic bags that come in from online yarn stores can keep the yarn for a while.After all, stores and warehouses are kept for a few months, so they should be acceptable storage containers.I remember some of my grandmother's red heart 100% wool yarn was pressedPaper/carton (not corrugated board) she kept the box in an old nonDeep freezing in her basement.
Due to the occasional basement flooding she had over the years, it was amazing that when I found them they were not soaked or even wet.They also smell good considering they are about 25 years old.My estimate of yarn age is based on the fact that the color is the same as the Afghans, who made every granddaughter for Christmas in the early/early 1970 s.
My guess is that she has ordered a few boxes of colors she uses and kept leftovers for another item, but before she dies, I didn't get a chance to do it and ask her about her shayashi.Other places.I know people who put yarn in dresser drawers, closet shelves and various other places.It depends on what they are doing and how they organize their own reserves.
Most people don't open their yarn storage points to show it.Maybe feeling guilty about having too many yarn would make them shy about sharing their hidden space.One time someone rolled the rest of my yarn into a ball, placed it in a basket and placed it in the design elements of her living room.
She doesn't have a pet, so the yarn doesn't stick to it either.Also, since it sits in the air of the room, there is no smell, just a little dusty.Because I have cats, I can't put the line groups outside, otherwise they will be toys for cats.
I used to have a cat that would steal a whole tail fish like a prey and she would drag it back to her study to finish it.I have a few cats, they roll a ball over the floor, then chew the rope on the carpet and leave me a wet and short cat, a piece of yarn, I may not notice until it reaches my finger when the crochet is woven.Eww!That's why I now put my project in the bag with yarn so that I can at least slow down the cat who wants delicious yarn.
Acrylic is a good yarn for me as it is washed well and can be thrown into the dryer to blow dry.There are places where the old yarn is loosely rolled and placed in the pillowcase in order to go through the washing work.I tried it myself once, but it was a long time ago.
I don't remember the result.
Since I haven't done it again, it certainly doesn't work as effectively as the source thought, or it's a very troublesome thing to do so much effort.I remember I tried to smell it and I was pretty sure I found it didn't work.The best thing to do is not to make it stink in the first place, if there is an accident with Afghans or sweaters or hats etc.
Be sure to wash it as soon as possible.
I have some older Afghans I use on my cat bed.Because they are cats, they sometimes have ball problems and they fall on Afghans.Because I usedand-Put on the acrylic, I just threw it in the washing machine (with mild soap) and the dryer blew it back into shape.
The wear of acrylic resin is very good, as long as the end of the yarn is plugged in and when the item is stretched and pulled by the machine, no holes will spread.I have some Afghans, and the Afghans I made in 1977 (when I started building Afghans) are still intact.They take a shower several times a year and keep it well.
When I wash them, the color seems to fade when I use cold water and low dryer temperatures.Just make sure the cat (or dog) does not eat your yarn.It is very harmful to their digestive system and can even lead to death.
While I was making yarn, I watched a cat bite my yarn.This left me a "wound" wet with cat saliva ".Then I got a knot in a place I didn't expect and I had to rinse it and wait for the yarn to dry before I could use it.
Give cats a cat toy to distract them from your yarn.In conclusion.How you decide to store your yarn may depend on many factors.Such as: how much yarn;How much storage space do you want to donate to yarn;How long do you need to keep it;And what you're going to do with it in the end.
If you have a lot of yarn like me, you will experience it soon, or need a lot of colors to choose for your design, maybe it is a good idea to store it for a long time.In crochet/knitting terms, this will be storage time for months/years instead of days/weeks.If you tend to do a project at a time and only buy enough yarn for that project, then long-term storage is unnecessary for you.
It all depends on what you want to do with all the yarn
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