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cardboard storage boxes with lids How to Get Rid of a Storage Smell

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-02
cardboard storage boxes with lids How to Get Rid of a Storage Smell
Storage space creates a musty smell that permeates the walls of your home.This smell will also penetrate into the items you store, leaving an old smell.Fight this sultry smell with natural products, keep the space fresh while keeping the items you cherish.
Check items you don't want, or items with mildew or mold damage.Buy a plastic case with a tight lid and store it in place of a carton so that moisture and smell can penetrate into the plastic case.Remove all items from the warehouse, wash clothes and other washable items.
Drag the hard floor in the storage space with three parts of white vinegar and a solution of water.This will help to eliminate the bad smell.If the storage space is paved with carpet, vacuum, then spray the carpet thoroughly with vinegar solution and allow for drying.
Spray the walls with a vinegar mixture.
Let the mixture soak in the wall for 30 minutes and then spray again before wiping the wall with a sponge.This mixture also helps to remove dirt or bacteria that may lead to the storage of smells.Place the dehumidifier overnight in the storage space to remove moisture.
After putting the item back in storage space, use the dehumidifier overnight in the area once a month to solve the moisture problem.Cut a piece of cotton cloth and tile it.Pour one-Half a glass of baking soda, two scoops.There are broken mint leaves on the cloth.
Tie the side of the cloth with a rope.
Make a sachet for each case in your storage area.The sachet absorbs the smell and helps keep the smell in the bin fresh.Put the item in the plastic box with the bag.
If you have items that are not suitable for bins, pack them in plastic garbage bags or cover them with a waterproof cloth
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