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cardboard storage boxes with lids How to Mouse-Proof Bedding in Storage

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-02
cardboard storage boxes with lids How to Mouse-Proof Bedding in Storage
Some people are scared by mice, while others think they are cute creatures.It is undeniable that in both cases, mice are destructive.They can chew almost anything, especially cartons that are often used for storage.
Once the mice enter, they will tear up your expensive bedding and make a soft and warm bed of their own.Prevent access and use of mouseProof storage materials will help protect your bedding.Search for rat feces in the storage area, the most obvious sign of a mouse infection that will destroy your bedding.
Sweep the feces into the dustpan and put it in a garbage bag for processing.Wearing gloves is meant to prevent exposure to them because they may carry diseases, Pittsburgh explained.Do not use vacuum to remove mouse feces as the exhaust will send the particles back into the air and affect your lungs.
Clean the area using a disinfection cleaner and a tissue.Dispose of towels with the same garbage.Use a flashlight if needed to find the opening that the mouse can enter.Any opening greater than 1For the mouse, the size of the 4 inch or pencil eraser is large enough.
Check the higher area as rats can climb up the walls and find openings around the ceiling and windows.Fill each opening with a spray insulated foam, and the foam expands and dries.Once dry, trim the excess foam with a tool knife.
Select the humane mousetrap provided by many retail outlets, capture the mice and allow you to put them back in their natural environment.Poison, trap and glue trap can cause the animal to suffer unnecessary pain and leave dead rats in your storage area.The Utah State University Co-Promotion Department reported that this could produce a strong unpleasant smell on bedding and increase the likelihood of disease transmission.
Arrange rat traps, such as peanut butter, filled with appropriate bait along the walls.Place washed bedding such as blankets, sheets and pillows in deep, heavy placesPlastic storage container with safety cover.Money laundering eliminates the possibility of foreign materials attracting mice.
Place the container covers on top and then buckle them down.Fix the lid on the storage container with packing tape or tape, wrap the entire seam around the lid.Use as much tape as you need to form a tight seal.
Stack the containers in the storage area.
According to the proposal of the animal wildlife rehabilitation center fund, sprinkle camphor balls in the room as a deterrent
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