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cardboard storage boxes with lids How to Store Christmas Villages

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-02
cardboard storage boxes with lids How to Store Christmas Villages
Christmas is over and with the end of the holiday, all Christmas decorations, including your Christmas Village, will be cleared and stored.Storing your Christmas village includes making sure next year Christmas looks as good as the previous year.Since most Christmas villages include small, fragile buildings and accessories, it is essential to store your village properly.
Instead of quickly throwing your Christmas village into an old storage box, take the time to store it properly so you can enjoy it year after year.Keep the original box of your Christmas Village building.While this may not be possible for older pieces, you can start a better preservation trend by keeping the box on any new pieces you buy in the future.
For old village items that are missing the original box, look for other boxes of the right size for these specific items.Pack each piece with foam.While it may be tempting to put two pieces together, these pieces impact each other, causing scratches, discoloration, and breakage.There are bubbles in your box.Wrap the pieces in a plastic storage container with a snaptight lid.
The carton is not well supported under weight, humidity or other annoying conditions.Place the box in a plastic storage container to prevent bumps, liquids and scratches.Store plastic containers for Christmas village items in a gentle area.
Storing your item in an area that is too hot can cause the paint to melt and stick to the container or other item.If you store your container in a place that is too cold, you may risk breaking the pieces or falling off the paint.Find an area that maintains a uniform temperature throughout the year.
Mark the plastic container to place the Christmas Village with a black permanent mark.Write the content on the top and side of the box and indicate that the content is fragile if someone else has to move the box.This will help you avoid placing too heavy on the Christmas Village set.
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