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cardboard storage RV Food Storage Basics: Store Your Foods Smart and Eat Well!

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-20
cardboard storage RV Food Storage Basics: Store Your Foods Smart and Eat Well!
Store your basic food in a camping car.One of the things that quickly becomes troublesome for RV owners is that when they go or come back from camping, they need to constantly load and unload things like clothes and food.Even a pop-Up has a certain amount of storage and, although the space is small, will always be filled with some kind of food and spices.The design of a car home is to store a large amount of food and spices in its storage room or cabinet.
It took me a long time to realize that there must be a better way.Nothing is more annoying than driving home all day and then having to unload food from your storage room and refrigerator.Well, the food in the refrigerator and other packaged foods that may deteriorate quickly, such as unopened French fries or nuts, etc.
They should always be boxed and brought to your home for consumption.However, there are some packaged foods that can stay safely in your RV, leaving you with little or no chance of deterioration or being damaged by mild weather conditions on your next trip.As I mentioned, some food has to be in and out of your RV when not in use.
Perishables in the fridge must definitely stay cold and when it is closed you obviously have to move it from the RV to the fridge at home.Eggs, meat, cheese, dipping sauce, sauces, open condiments and leftovers in the fridge must be moved.In your pantry, common sense will tell you that all dry goods that are openedGood things like chips, nuts, sandwich buns, hot dogs or burger buns, cookies, etc.
Must be removed.
Well, actually, if I were to plan another trip in a few weeks, I would have said something like that;Nuts, biscuits, and often cut into high quality sealed containers for my next camper out.Now, if you don't put your RV in seasonal storage, or have it stored at extreme temperatures for a long time (1-It seems to me that after two weeks there is some food that can be put in your RV and stay there throughout your travel season.Here is a list of basic foods and condiments I have tried to keep in the RV food Cabinet during my seasonal trip, I have never had a problem with damage or deterioration;2-, 2-, 2-2-2-can of chicken noodles, 2-, 2-whole peeled 2-, 2-, 2-, 2-, 1-, 2-, 1-, sliced, 1-, 1-, 1-, 1-, 1-, 1-, 1-, 1-, 1-, 1-Then we also leave some dry condiments in the RV for our travel season.
I have the condiments we use most often when cooking.Also, since they are all dry goods, they will usually be kept for more than a year without opening, and they will still easily maintain their unique taste if they are opened but properly sealed6 months..We are trying to buy our most commonly used condiments only from manufacturers that use glass containers.
The glass container is usually better sealed than the plastic container, and the wrong mouse that may slide into the RV can't eat through the glass as it does with the plastic container.Also, the seals are usually very good, wandering ants can't smell the potential food inside the glass container, or the smell of being pulled into your camper pantry.We put it in the RV.Thyme.We use it a lot and try to keep it at hand when we go camping, our favorite thing is;Mrs.
(all-(Seafood seasoning ).
The question of whether you should use a plastic or glass container is controversial, but when it comes to an RV, it is itself a very open machine, many different pests often find ways to enter my wife and I choose to use glass containers as much as possible.We left the fifth one in a year.Wheeler is at our camp in Virginia and plans to stay again in six to eight weeks.It turned out that we all had some unexpected medical problems that left us for almost five months.
Of course, I accidentally left a sliding door between one storage area of the RV and another.Well, when we finally got back to our RV, we quickly counted our storage room and guessed what was going to happen.We have guests who don't invite themselves.
Mice!Oh, I have a couple of traps, and in less than two days we caught two criminals and dropped them.The problem is that they stayed in our RV long enough to eat some stored food.This is what they are all eating;-We all enjoyed the vanilla flavor in our coffee, so we bought 24 boxes of cream.
I can now prove to you that mice can eat through cartons and multiple plastic creamer packs.-Similarly, cardboard storage tubes like boxes can't resist hungry mice.-They passed the box easily but didn't seem to like the pasta.
Who knew?-This, again, does not need to be explained.What did we do?Is that after we cleaned up the mess and disinfected our pantry?Well, we went to the discount store and bought some glass storage containers of different sizes;Two tall, thin, two square grains of pasta, and six different sizes of other items that usually have packaging, the mouse may successfully attack.We didn't get mice into our RV, but if they did get into the RV, the edible food available would be well protected.
All in all, you can safely leave certain packaged foods in your RV, avoiding having to take them repeatedly every time you travel.And, if you really like to cook as much as my wife and I do, then eating your favorite spices with you is a great thing.We often stop in the rest area and organize some really great and simple lunch and dinner dishes, thus avoiding the well-known Bologna or ham sandwiches that our RV travelers often eat.
And when we drove our car into our camp, we were not the ones who had to find a supermarket to store dinner
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